Why you should have your home cleaned when it is on the market- Part 1

Here at Maid OK we are asked a lot if a customer's home would be sold faster if their house was cleaned when it is on the market.  Here are a few tasks you should do before you put it up for sale.

Hidden Spots


House hunters do not want to see all your "stuff" around the house.  They want to see the house itself and the condition that it is in.  People will open closets, drawers, cabinets, pantries, basically any door that the hunters can touch, they will open it.

Make the house bigger and brighter by getting the clutter out of the home.  This includes over sized sofas, too many chairs, book shelves, toys, pictures of your family, decorations, bathroom decor, and even coffee tables if you have too many.  Do this to every room to make the focus on the house, not on your stuff.  Go out and buy some boxes or containers to store these items in and keep them at bay til you get to your new home.


Storage units that will remain will need to be empty or at least well organized and cleaned so the potential buyer will be able to see how much space they will have for their items. If the storage unit is small and will be going with you to the new home, make sure that you have it locked and the buyer knows that it will be relocating with you, or if possible remove it ahead of time.

Essential Tasks

De-clutter your clothes out of the closets that you will not wear, bookshelves of all unnecessary clutter, and do not forget the garage.  If you need money for your new home, have a big garage sale!


Clean everything!!  That is where Maid OK comes in.  The house hunters will look at every nook and cranny and they will not turn a blind eye if something is out of place or not cleaned.  If the home has not been kept up, you might think about having the maids clean all the walls and then you touch them up with fresh paint.



Tile & Grout needs to look like new. If the tile & grout looks clean enough to eat off of, the buyer won't think twice about whether it is safe or not to run around barefoot in their new home. It will also assist in hiding the signs of pets if you have one that frequently has accidents.


Windows and carpets need to be perfect.  Who wants to walk into a home that they might potentially buy and the carpets have stains and it smells like dog.  Maid OK has a great package for all types of carpet that will rid of all these barriers, and the window cleaning package includes cleaning the windows inside and out including all the screens and tracks.

Anything that you would like to take to the new home that you do not want the potential customer to want during the buying process, you need to remove and pack away.  Potential buyers will try to get anything free for their new house.

Don't forget the outside.  If you have heard it once you have heard it twice, curb appeal!  Trim up the bushes, plant some pretty, colorful flowers, and make sure to mow the grass and edge.

power washing resized.jpg

Make sure that you clean out those gutters and remove all debris and leaves. Power wash all outside concrete such as sidewalks, front and/or back patio, and the driveway. Don't forget about the siding along the house.


Now get your house on the market and check back in a few weeks to see what else we have for ya.

Cleaning For A Reason

Cleaning For A Reason


Cleaning For A Reason Week was established in 2009 to raise awareness about our organization that provides free house cleaning for women undergoing treatment for cancer.

Maid OK is honored to be working with Cleaning For A Reason by serving women with cancer. This nonprofit is very dear to our hearts.  

Since Maid OK has teamed up with them since December of 2015, we have helped 10 ladies with cleanings.  I personally have never met any of them, but I have gotten close to a few of them just talking to them over the phone.

Every time I talked to these ladies, they are always very appreciated with the help we are offering them.  I cannot imagine what these girls are going through, but I am happy that we can help them out in such a small way!

Sandra B.

One of the ladies that I talk with about every two weeks or so is named Sandra B.  Here is our stories: 

Sandra and I met through Facebook when I was giving away a free cleaning.  She commented on the post that she was a cancer patient and that she could really use our service.  

I try my hardest to engage with the comments on our Maid OK Facebook page, and I am glad I was able to with her.  I explained to her that if she was not the winner, Maid OK would love to help her out and I gave her my email address so we could correspond with each other privately.  

I sent her the link to sign up for Cleaning For a Reason and if she needed any help, I would help out any way possible.  She unfortunately did not win the drawing, but her and I built a relationship beyond Facebook.  

I have talked to her on the phone a few times, but her and I have a really good email relationship.  

What Sandra says about Maid OK

Here is what she had to say about Maid OK and about Cleaning For a Reason:

Maid Ok has been a blessing to me!  I have been undergoing chemo for stage 4 colon cancer for about six months, and it really takes all the wind out of my sails.

The ladies at Maid OK have been coming once a month to clean, mop, sweep, dust, etc. and I have enjoyed them bing in my home.  They are courteous, very friendly and do a wonderful job.

My house is so nice when they are finished.  For them to be a part of Cleaning For A Reason is such a huge hearted effort to assist people who need to concentrate on getting well and not on how clean the house is.   

For me, it means I can save my energy for the things that have become very important.  Thank you Maid OK for offering this service and for making my life easier.  And thank you to my ladies who come, they are the sweetest women, bless you all.  

Why We Do This

This is why we at Maid OK do what we do.  It is not just one person, it takes a village to make sure all this runs in a smooth motion.  

If you know anyone in need of this service, please have them reach out to Maid OK or Cleaning For A Reason.  There are several cleaning companies in the metro that also do this.  

10 Household Hacks to Brighten Your home (and Your Day)

10 household cleaning hacks.png

Spring is the perfect time for inviting friends and family over for food, fun and laughter. Whether you find yourself cleaning every day, once a week or even once a month, it’s easy to panic when you have company coming.

Sometimes when you’re in a flash, you don’t have time for a full housecleaning — and that’s alright. With these ten household hacks from our Maid OK team, they’ll never suspect you cleaned it yourself!


1. Stainless Steel

Struggling with endless fingerprints? What about smudges and swipes from the kiddos? All you need to give stainless steel a good, clear shine is a microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol. Not a fan of the smell? Swap olive oil for a similar effect.


2. Shower Glass

Do you notice grime building up in your shower doors? If you’re working with glass, our Oklahoma City maids suggest using a squeegee every time you shower is a quick way to zap any build-up.


3. Tile Flooring

Sometimes, a good sweep simply isn’t enough. When this happens, it’s time to take out the scrubber. Take a small bucket of water, light detergent, a rag or scrubber and go to town. This will pick up those pesky bits stuck between grooves and grout.


4. Baseboards

Turns out, dryer sheets are great for more than just laundry. Rather than a traditional rag, run a dryer sheet along your baseboard and they’ll stay cleaner for much longer!


5. Chrome Fixtures

Dealing with hard water spots in your bathroom? Our Norman maids passed along this handy tip. Cut a lemon in half, rub the cut side over the fixture, rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth. You won’t believe the difference it makes!


6. Microwave

Whether you’re at home or work, a microwave coated in food and spilled liquid is a terrifying sight. Rather than taking a scraper to the appliance, pour equal amounts of water and vinegar into a microwave bowl. Place a toothpick or wooden spot into the bowl (this will prevent it from boiling over) and set it on high for 5-10 minutes. Let it cool slightly, open the doors and all you’ll have to do is wipe!


7. Grimy Cabinets

You may not see it at first, but most likely some grime has built up around the handles of your kitchen cabinets. To clear it away, mix one part vegetable oil and two parts baking soda. Next, you’ll take a toothbrush and scrub the mixture in circular motions. 


8. Garage Stains

Oil stains making your garage space an eye sore? Simply pour a few cans of room-temperature Coca-Cola onto the stain. Let sit overnight and on the next day, blot with old towels and rinse away the remains.


9. Pet Stains

Did Fluffy or Spike make a mess? Our Edmond maids recommend taking a glass of water, dish soap, towel and blotting until it takes away the odor. For more serious cases, opt for vinegar and baking soda. Click here for the full instructions.


10. Grease Stains

Dealing with grease stains from spilled food? Mix four parts rubbing alcohol with one part salt and rub the mixture into the stain. Let the surface dry and then vacuum the remains!


We hope you enjoyed our favorite housecleaning hacks! What are some of your favorite go-to’s? Share your ideas and stories with us in the comments below and stay tuned for our next Maid OK blog!


Let Maid OK Simplify your Family Room

Let Maid OK Simplify Your Family Room:
Common areas like the family room or toy room can often become a dumping ground for anything and everything- socks, sweatshirts, homework, bedspreads- you name it, it has probably made its’ way to the family room at some point. Our maids will make sure it finds its way back home. Here’s to finding missing socks in the toy boxes and remotes under the couch!

Grab a trash bag or two, a basket for the items you want to give away, put on your favorite pump-up music and let’s get started!

Watch Your Feet:
Let’s start with what is cluttering the floor and walking areas.

  • Find a home for blankets: Blankets are big and bulky and often get thrown on the floor or wadded up on the couch when not in use. Try hiding them in a storage ottoman or a decorative basket at the end of your couch. By having a storage place for them, you can just drop them in and run rather than folding them up each time.
  • Toys might be covering your floors as well, but we will get to those in a second.

Table Top:
What is cluttering your coffee table or end tables? Create a command center for your daily necessities and leave the rest out. Use a decorative basket or storage container to house your remote controls, coasters and maybe a phone charger if those seem to get tangled in your feet while on the floor. Find a new home for everything else so that your coffee table will be clear.

Play Zone:
Going through toys can be a daunting task, but it is so worth it! Here are some decluttering tips for your kid’s toys:

  • Duplicate toys: Do your kids need multiples of the same toy? How often are both of the toys being used simultaneously? Unless they are both used frequently, it is probably time to pass them on to someone else.
  • Toys that don’t work or are missing pieces: If they don’t work, go ahead and toss them. Chances are, the toy has lost its magic since it doesn’t work, and most likely they won’t miss it being gone.
  • Toys that your kids are too old for: Take a glance at your kids’ toy selection. Are all of the toys filling your shelves age appropriate? It can be hard to part with your child’s favorite childhood toys, so if necessary, choose one or two to save in a memory box, but pass the rest onto another family that might enjoy them.
  • Freebie restaurant toys or party favors: Usually these plastic toys can only survive a few uses before breaking and their simplicity often loses your kid’s interest quickly. Our vote is to toss them to make room for more special toys.

Keep the toys that made the cut in storage containers on your shelves. Baskets or tubs without lids are a great option because you can toss toys in them without worrying about making sure the lid will still close. While having assigned bins for categories of toys sounds like a dream, we know that it is unrealistic when kids are constantly bouncing between different toys. The Maid OK team suggests opaque containers to create a cohesive look, regardless of what is inside.

How was today’s challenge? Are there areas of your home that you want us to help you tackle next? We have maids and will travel to all OKC metro areas along with Norman, Blanchard, Newcastle and Noble, call today to get a quote!


Simplifying your Bathrooms

Simplifying your Bathrooms
Regardless of who you are, what you do, who fills the walls of your home, the bathroom is one room that all of us use on a daily basis. Bathrooms can become cluttered quickly- often times we don’t want to hang up our clothes after a long day, so they get thrown in a pile on the floor and many bathroom cabinets are filled with half empty conditioner bottles and old toothbrushes. Maid OK is here to help with all of your organizing needs!

Shower Power
Let’s start by powering through your shower. Throw out empty product bottles as well as those that you do not use on a weekly basis. Only keep one bottle of shampoo, conditioner, body wash/face wash, shaving gel and razor in the shower to eliminate the clutter and chance of knocking something over.

Consider purchasing a shower storage caddy or shelf to store these products, if you do not have a shelf built in. Keeping everything in one place with a drainable bottom will prevent soap and grime build-up on your tub or tile.


Just Part With It
Your bathroom drawers and cabinets might be the most tedious task of the day, but once it’s done, you will probably feel like you conquered the world. Tip: Don’t touch your countertops until we are done with the cabinets and drawers. So let’s do this.

Start with the drawers first. Take everything out. Separate the items that you need to keep and that you can toss. Also have a basket for things that need to find a new home. The hair tie that is hanging on by a thread- that can go. The earring that you have been missing for months- put it back in the right spot.

Be conscious of makeup expiration timelines and toss makeup that you haven’t used recently. Wipe everything down and organize your drawers with small containers or even a cutlery tray from your kitchen drawers. Once you have the drawers cleaned out and organized, let’s move to the cabinets.

Once again, pull everything out. Check for expired products and medications. Combine half empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner if possible. If you haven’t used it in the past two weeks to a month, what are the chances that you will use it in the future?

Think of the expensive eye cream that you bought and have only used once in the past 3 months, old foot scrubs that are probably dried out, scented lotions that just weren’t your scent- just toss ‘em.

Once you have your necessities set aside, wipe down the cabinet and load your “keepers” in a plastic storage drawer that you can pull out to see even the things in the back.


Most homes have more towels than needed which take up valuable shelf space and adds an extra 5 minutes to your laundry time. Our team suggests keeping two sets of towels per person that lives in your home. This includes two towels, washcloths and hand towels. That is enough towels to cover guests if needed, but also does not require you to do laundry every week. Go ahead and give away the rest.

How was today’s challenge? We hope that you will follow along and continue to allow Maid OK help you simplify your home for the new year! Our team can travel to anywhere in the OKC metro, Norman, Moore, Edmond, Yukon and more!


Simplifying Your Closets

“Stuff and Shut” might be the name of your cleaning game when you have company coming over or need to have rooms cleaned in a hurry. Today, Maid OK is going to sort through all of the things that do belong in a closet while finding a new home for things that don’t.

Get Everything off the Floor.

Pull everything out of the closet that isn’t hanging where it’s supposed to be and start by going through those items.

  1. If it is a toy, it should find a new home.
  2. If it is a keepsake, you might want to tuck it away in a storage container and put it on the top shelf of the closet. Just make sure to label the box so you know what’s inside.
  3. Try on all of the shoes in your closet (or have your kids try on their shoes). Do they fit? If not, immediately put them in the giveaway pile. If they do, think about the last time you wore them. Have you worn them in the most recent season? If yes, keep them. If not, give them away. If you went a whole season without them, you can pass them on to someone else.

“Hanging” On?

Now, it’s time to dive into the stuff that's hanging in your closet. Sort carefully and evaluate every piece of clothing. As you pick up each item, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is it stained or have holes or yellow armpit stains? If so, get rid of it. What are the chances of you actually wearing it, even if it is your favorite piece?
  2. Does it fit well? If it's too baggy because it's worn out, give it away. If it is too tight, go ahead and give it away too.
  3. Is it in style? Is it YOUR style? If it is out-of-style, give it away. If it is no longer your style, give it away. If you don’t like it now, you probably won’t like it in two weeks and you probably won’t wear it within the next month. So, pass it on to someone that will.
  4. Have you worn it within the last month? Going along with the last point, if you haven’t worn it in the past month, what are the chances that you will wear it next month? Go ahead and give it away.
  5. Is it a multiple of another piece? We are often drawn to the same types of clothing. For some, navy blue stripes might consume your wardrobe. For others, it could be red shirts. If you have multiples of the same piece, but typically gravitate toward the same one time after time, get rid of the rest. Free up some hanging space and give someone else the opportunity to wear your favorites too!

Make sure that everything that you are keeping has a hanger and a purpose for your wardrobe.

How was today’s challenge? We hope that you will follow along and continue to allow Maid OK to help you simplify your home for the new year! Our maids will travel to OKC, Edmond, Moore, Guthrie, Yukon and more. Give us a call and be sure to ask about our monthly cleaning special!


A Clean Sweep with Maid OK

Maid OK Housecleaning New Year's 2017

Whether you’re cleaning up after a holiday bash or gearing up for a New Year’s toast, we can all agree that mess has a way of spreading throughout the entire house. With the closing of one event and the quickly approaching date of another, our Maid OK team is here to make your house sparkling. From beverage spills and pine needles to watermarks and leftovers, our Oklahoma maids will walk you through a clean sweep — setting you off in the right direction for 2017. 

First, find ways to reuse, reduce and recycle.

Did you know that you can take leftover wine and transform it into a drizzle for your desserts? Our Edmond maids swear by these post-holiday hacks. Take “going green” a step further and incorporate it into your gifting practices moving forward. Reuse gift bags, ribbons, bows and boxes and recycle wrapping paper and ripped packaging.

Now, it’s time for some damage control.

Did Auntie Ann leave a watermark on your new oak sideboard? Our Norman maids suggest trying one of these house cleaning methods to zap it gone. If a guest at your party left a wine stain, flush it with water or club soda, blot it out and douse some salt. This will help it soak up as quickly as possible.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Now that we’ve taken care of the urgent business, it’s time to begin organizing your belongings. Keep regularly used items in accessible spots and place seasonal items on higher shelves or in closets. Our Oklahoma City maids have 5 secrets of closet organization that will spare you some square footage.

Are you expecting company for New Years? When you’ve completed this clean sweep, give our team at Maid OK a call at (405) 241-4407. We have deep cleaning, window and carpet cleaning services to make your home look like new!


The Cleaning Secret of Stainless Steel

Cleaning Stainless Steel

Everyone, including our Maid OK team, can agree that stainless steel is gorgeous. When an appliance arrives for installation, it’s breathtakingly shiny. You soon learn, though. With children or pets, stainless steel quickly becomes smudged. You do your best to clean it, but your efforts only result in a foggy mess. And a product that may work for one appliance doesn’t necessarily mean the cleaning magic will transcend to the others.

Stainless steel varies from brand to brand. To achieve that freshly installed, showroom look, our Oklahoma maids have gathered their favorite house cleaning tips to help you tackle your stainless steel products. Enjoy!


Tools Needed

One of the biggest mistakes our Edmond maids see most often is the wrong materials being used to clean stainless steel. You would think something similar to a wool scrubber would do the trick. But in fact, abrasive materials like these scratch the surface of your stainless steel. 

The alternative? A microfiber cloth. 

They’re fantastic for stainless steel cleaning. Not only are they kinder to your appliances, but they don’t leave behind residue. No scratches and no streaks — sounds like a win to us.


Now, it’s time to choose a cleaning method. Because no brand of stainless steel is the same, there are quite a few to choose from. Our Oklahoma City maids personally love these methods below.


Stainless Steel Cleaning Methods

Method 1

Apply lukewarm water to the microfiber cloth and gently scrub away grime and fingerprints in a circular motion.

Method 2

White vinegar is a great household item to have on hand. Apply it to the cloth and clean in circular motions similar to Method 1.

Method 3

Have some club soda on hand? Pour some into a spray bottle. Distribute an even coating of spray on the stainless steal then wipe in the direction of the grain.

Method 4

If you love to cook, there’s no doubt you’ll have olive oil on hand. Our Norman maids recommend applying a small amount to a dry cloth and buffing in the direction of the grain. Baby oil is also a great alternative. Just make sure not to use too much or it can get a little greasy.


Some Handy Reminders

After you’ve applied a solution to your microfiber cloth, clean the stainless steel fairly quickly. Don’t let it sit too long on the surface. Rather, quickly buffer it in to create a flawless finish. 

It’s wise to clean your stainless steel in circular motions first and with the grain, second. This can loosen up any grime within the grain and swipe away any leftovers. 

Still having some issues cleaning your appliances? Always remember, Maid OK is here to help. We make it easy to hire a maid when your home is expecting company. To book an appointment, just give us a call at (4045) 241-4407.


We hope you enjoyed this article on cleaning stainless steel! What other items do you have troubles cleaning? Let us know in the comments below and share your favorite go-to’s with our Maid OK team on social media.

Is your House Cleaning Service up to Par? Find Out by Asking These Three Questions

Most people want a house that is tidy and clean. But often the “busyness” of life gets in the way of this goal. That’s why hiring a Residential Cleaning Service Norman is such an ideal choice. You can get it all done, while someone else does the vacuuming, dusting and waxes the floors too!

But it is so important to choose the right House Cleaning Company Norman. There are quite a few to select from – but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a high quality cleaning job from all of them. That’s why it is recommended to ask your Norman Cleaning Service a few questions, to help decide if you’ve selected a company that can meet your needs effectively, leaving your home sparkling clean.

1. How are your rates created?

This is one of the most important things you can ask any Home Cleaning Company Norman, to best understand how they will be cleaning and then charging you. Some may have an hourly rate and then others charge by the size of the space, or the number of the rooms. A good Norman Cleaning Service will give you an estimated cost for the cleaning, so you will have an expectation of how much you will pay. Remember that this rate is typically created by keeping in mind the size of the crew needed for your home or apartment, the depth of the cleaning needed and also the approximate time they think it will take to get the entire job done.
Our best tip: Be sure to ask them for a written estimate, before they get started so both of you have a good understanding of how much the cleaning job costs.

2. How are your employees paid & do you do background checks on them?

Even if you are referred to a Norman cleaning company, we strongly recommend that you ask this question. No one wants to hire a company that pays their employees off the books (people who do not pay federal or state taxes on their income). You also want to be sure that any Home Cleaning Norman company that you pick is doing some type of background check on their employees, as they will have access to your home and some of your most valuable possessions. The most common information looked at in a background check is a criminal check and also a credit check. Employees should also check an employee’s professional references for employment before they start working at a Home Cleaners Norman OK.
Our best tip: Only work with a company that has employees who are “on the books” and who go through a background check.

3. Do you provide your own cleaning supplies?

You’ll want to be sure to ask this question, because if they do not bring cleaning supplies then you will need to have them ready. When hiring a Residential Cleaning Service Norman you may also want to ask if they use “green” cleaning supplies, especially if someone in your home is sensitive to cleaning products or has asthma or allergies. If they don’t and you want to work with that cleaning service, then perhaps you can provide your own supplies. Many Home Cleaners Norman OK today do supply some of their own cleaning supplies. If you have a great fondness for a certain floor wax or rug cleaner, then be sure to bring this up before they get started on the job. A lot of homeowners know that sometimes a specific product is the best one to use and a good Norman Cleaning Service will be happy to use the product that you give them, just let them know.

Our best tip: Think about when you clean your house, are certain products a “must use” or can you use any product? Be sure to ask the cleaning company exactly which products they will use, especially if they are cleaning something older or valuable like an antique.

Now, finding a Residential Cleaning Service Norman doesn’t have to be a huge chore. Use your best judgement and ask your friends and family for recommendations. It is best not to rush to hire any cleaning service, but to ask them these important questions so you know exactly how your home – a family’s most precious asset – will be treated.

Going with the wrong cleaning service often is not a huge disaster but sometimes can be more of a huge inconvenience. If you hire a House Cleaning Company Norman that doesn’t get your house clean, then you are out the expense that you paid them and also the time it took you to find them. But sometimes cleaning companies are even less professional – Knick knacks can be broken, indoor pets can be let out accidentally and rugs can be stained when the wrong cleaners are used because someone didn’t listen. So aren’t you glad you know the right questions to ask a Norman Cleaning Service before you hire one? We thought so!

Maids in Edmond OK Can Help Prevent Disasters

Edmond OK is an amazing place, but like any other location, it can be prone to disasters, and we’re not just talking about natural disasters. Sure, floods and earthquakes are definitely something to watch out for, but did you ever consider what could be going on right inside your own home? You might have considered hiring maids in Edmond OK to take care of your cleaning duties, but it might be more prudent and pressing than you think.

Problems Inside your Home that Maids in Edmond OK can Spot

One of the biggest problems that homes face, is dust. Okay so it might not be a serious problem in your eyes but when you think about it, you will realize that it is literally the only problem that affects the entire home, even in a miniscule way. When we see dust we definitely do our best to get rid of it in more ways than one. We use a feature duster, we wipe it down with a rag, we even blow on every surface in our homes to make sure that every surface is free of these particles and ready for our use. One of the most interesting things to take into account, however, is that not all of our efforts to get rid of dust actually pan out properly. In fact, there are going to be many times that we push it aside and it simply recirculates into the air. Your first thought might be ‘so what?’, but we’re here to tell you that it creates more problems than you realize.

There is the first level problem, obviously, which is the dust and dirt ending up in the air, and individuals with allergies will definitely not benefit from this. It goes to another level, however, when those dust and dirt particles end up in the air conditioning system, you have an even bigger problem. It was one thing to have the dirt and dust circulating the home under the influence of mother nature, but now you have an air conditioning unit pushing it around, and any house cleaning company in Edmond OK will be able to tell you that’s a terrible thing. Allergies in the house will be irritated, and overall, it will be an unpleasant place to live, but this isn’t the only problem you have to deal with.

The Effects on your HVAC System

While the events that we mentioned previously are certainly a bit of a disaster, you also need to take into consideration the problems that will be experienced by the HVAC system itself. For example, if the dust and dirt remains in the air, it will adversely affect the filter, which in turn will cause the air conditioning system to work harder. At the outset this will simply call for a higher monthly energy bill, but as the problem persists the unit may freeze, and the humidity level in your home will rise. As you can see, that’s definitely not a situation that you want to be in as it will be both expensive and detrimental to the health of everyone in the home. Finally, the rise in humidity will be a great way to ensure damage to the home as it may very well cause mold growth in your drywall – wouldn’t it be better to have the house cleaned properly in the first place?

Cleaning your house is one of the most important things that you can do, but it is also one of the most taxing. To put it quite simply, there is too little time in the day and far too much to clean. The best thing that you can do in this situation is hire one of the many cleaning services in Edmond OK to take care of the problem for you. Once you find a good, trustworthy cleaning service, you will notice that your schedule is feed up, and your home will be perfectly clean. The problems above? Just memories in the distant past. Don’t let dust and dirty ruin your home or your health – call for the best cleaning service in the city and get it done for you.


Maid OK Partners With Ford Warriors in Pink and Cleaning For A Reason

Maid OK has been given the wonderful opportunity to partner with Ford Warriors in Pink and Cleaning For A Reason to make a difference in the lives of women battling breast cancer. We’ll be working together in providing free house cleanings to 500 women undergoing treatment. 

Since 2006, Cleaning For A Reason has donated over $5.5 million in free services, helping more than 19,500 women with cancer. The organization’s goal is to reduce the stress and ease the burden a woman faces once a cancer diagnosis is received so that she may focus on her health and family and not on her home. 

Today with a network of over 1,200 partnering cleaning companies in the United States and Canada, 21,000 women have received donated cleanings valued over $5.9 million through this network. To learn more about Cleaning For A Reason, visit www.cleaningforareason.org.

“We’re ecstatic to be partnered with Ford Warriors in Pink and Cleaning For A Reason,” shared owner, Lisa D’Amico. “We’re truly honored to be serving our community’s women who are battling cancer. This partnership gives us the opportunity to help out by doing what we do best.” 

D’Amico and the Maid OK team are looking forward to partnering with Ford Warriors in Pink and Cleaning For A Reason in hopes to make a difference in the lives of these patients while raising support in the fight against cancer. To participate or to apply for a free house cleaning, please visit http://ford.to/29SMoQS.

For more information about the cause, contact Maid OK at info@cleaningforareason.org or give us a call at (877) 337-3348.


5 Secrets of Closet Organization

There are hundreds of shelving units, storage bins, decluttering guides, and minimalist blogs out there, so why is it so difficult to keep a closet organized?

Because we’re busy.

Plain and simple.

It’s not anyone’s fault, life just happens. Between work and family responsibilities, extracurriculars and schedules, it’s easy to place home organization on the back burner. What’s interesting about closets, though, is that the chaos contributes to any preexisting stress you’re facing. When you’ve had a busy day at work, the last thing you want to do is sift through teetering piles of clothes, searching for that navy dress you’re wanting to wear for dinner.

So that brings us to our point. If everyone is stressing about chaotic closets, then why aren’t we able to restore order? The truth is, it’s a bit of a process. It takes time and a great deal of patience but the team here at Maid OK can promise, it’s worth it. After sorting, cleaning, and organizing your closet, you’ll feel the overwhelm fall from your shoulders. You may be wondering now how you get to that point. Tackling closet organization can be a bit daunting, but with these five secrets, you’ll be enjoying the benefits in no time!


Prepare for the takedown

Whether you’re using bins or simply separating into piles, our Oklahoma maids recommend distinguishing your belongings into these categories below.

Keep|   Donate   |   Sell   |   Trash   |   Shoes   |   Accessories


Sort things out

Next, it’s time to tackle that closet of yours. Sort everything in the closet, emptying it as you go. Separate your belongings into the six categories above, while sifting through items you no longer want. If you’re having troubles letting go of something, our maids in Moore say to ask yourself these three questions.

1. Do I want this? 

    Think about why. Is it sentimental? Is it useful?

2. Do I wear this? 

    When was the last time it was worn? How often?

3. Do I need this?

    Is it practical? In what scenarios would you use it? Is your need for it realistic?


Make a clean break

While everything is out of your closet, vacuum or mop the floors along with wiping down the shelves and baseboards. Our maids in Edmond shared that dust mites can destroy fabric and are terrible if you suffer from allergies. Play safe and ensure that your closet is completely cleaned out.


Organization is key

While your closet is airing out, begin organizing your bins. Wash and dry out-of-season clothing prior to storing them. Leftover residue can attract inspections and damp clothing can lead to mildew. 

Next, Toss the “Trash” pile outside then place “Donations” and “To Sell” items in your car. When sorting “Keep” items, remove one at a time, categorizing as you go. Our OKC maids suggest hanging like items together and place your out-of-season tubs on a high shelf. Some categories to display your clothes include the following:

Short Sleeve   |   Long Sleeve   |   Sweaters   |   Pants/Jeans   |   Dresses   |   Skirts   |   Shorts   |   Shoes   |    Purses/Bags   |   Accessories


Go big or go home

So, you’ve just tackled your disheveled closet. Ready to take it a step further? Check out these other tips that you might find useful and give Maid OK a call if you’re in need of house cleaning or organization services! It’s never been easier to hire a maid.


  • Using proper hangers not only make your closet appear consistent but can extend the life of delicate items and tailored jackets. Pay special attention to clothes that run the risk of stretching, as they may be better to fold.
  • Display a mirror, not only does it give you a sneak preview of your outfit, but instantly upgrades the look of your closet.
  • Still suffering from leaning piles? Shelf dividers are great for keeping cashmeres and sweaters in place.
  • Shut the front door. An over-the-door rack is a great find if you’re a bit of a shoe addict.
  • You can maximize the smallest of square footage. Hooks are a great way to display belts, scarves, and hats that might otherwise take up space in your bins.
  • Don’t forget about lighting. Not only will it help you find clothing pieces faster, but will serve as a reminder to keep your closet tidy.


5 Tips for a Housecleaning Workout

To remain healthy, it’s important to live a physically active lifestyle. Unfortunately, many of us have work, activities, errands, and a million other commitments to complete before we get a chance to toss in some exercise. It’s easy signing up for a gym membership, but a bit more challenging sticking to the actual regimen. Lucky for you, our Maid OK team has compiled some tips to help you stay active while you’re sprucing up your home. And if you ever need help setting your home off on the right foot, call to hire a maid today!




If you’re looking to burn some extra calories, consider ankle weights. Adding 10-15 pounds of extra body weight will provide resistance as you move around the house. Not only does it elevate your workout, but it’s inexpensive as far as equipment goes. What an easy way to prolong your recent house cleaning services?


Did you know that when the room is colder, you’re burning more calories to stay warm? Keep your home in the 60-65 degree range and keep yourself moving! A weighted vest is another tool that can provide resistance while you clean.


If you find yourself sitting for long periods of time, incorporate small bursts of exercises to keep your metabolism active. For each hour you’re relaxing on the coach, do 50 jumping jacks or a couple minutes of burpees. You can target specific muscle areas with push-ups, squats, or crunches. Our Norman maid service particularly enjoys this practice!


When you’re tackling massive piles of laundry, add a squat each time you add a handful of clothes to the washer or dryer. This is a fantastic way to tone your quads and hamstrings. Vacuuming the whole house? While your arms are engaged, give your lower body a workout too by adding lunges as you move across the floor. Mopping can be a real drag sometimes, but when you scrub floors by hand, you’ll find yourself engaging both your arms and your abs. Our OKC area housecleaning team recommends switching arms halfway through for balanced toning.


Many of you don’t need convincing spending more time outside. After all, it’s summer and the weather is gorgeous! Upkeep isn’t restricted to the home, our house cleaning service in Edmond, OK suggests gardening activities. Gardening burns as many as 400 calories an hour! Digging, pulling weeds, shoveling, and raking leaves are great ways to target stomach, arm, and leg muscle groups.