MaidOK provides expert janitorial office and commercial cleaning services.

Need commercial service? Trust MaidOK to professionally take care of your commercial cleaning needs. We offer janitorial office and commercial cleaning services that will leave your property spotless!


The services we offer include

  • scheduled office cleaning

  • floor cleaning

  • restroom cleaning


Scheduled Office Cleaning: Our scheduled office cleaning provides time for us to thoroughly clean your office space and limit downtime. We will come in during the scheduled time and do a full office cleaning leaving the area completely spotless, stain-free, and sanitized.

Floor Cleaning: Our floor cleaning services are self explanatory. We will make sure that the floors are completely swept through and mopped. Additionally, we will make sure that the entire floor is spotless with no visible stains.

Restroom Cleaning: Whether you need commercial or janitorial services, you can count on MaidOK for any cleaning service including restroom cleaning.

Our maids with a mission will also provide cleaning services for locations such as construction sites and post disaster cleanup. We are happy to visit with you about your commercial or janitorial cleaning needs, call or book now for a free quote.

Scheduled Office Cleaning services






Restroom cleaning for commercial and residential