Thank you so much to Amanda, Cinthia and Nicola for working so hard on my house. I know how big of a job it is and they did a wonderful job. Thank you.
— Janet Moore - Norman
I was quite pleased with Nicola and Amanda’s efficient cleaning of my home.
— Becky S. - Norman
“I am amazed every time I come home! You guys are great. They go above and beyond my expectations every time. I can’t believe I waited so long before deciding to make the call. Thank you!
— Joni Tiller - Norman
Juana, Cinthia and Daniela did a fabulous job on my house today! The shower in the master bathroom looked like it did when the house was brand new. Amazing work ladies. My husband & I greatly appreciate your hard work.
— Toni Cruz - Oklahoma City
Had my house cleaned by Juana, Cinthia & Daniela and they did a fantastic job. Thanks Ladies!!!
— Kathy V - Norman
Had my house cleaned for the first time by Maid OK last Friday and they did a tremendous job. Very reasonable price. Would recommend to anyone
— Kathy V - Norman
All of the crew that clean for Maid OK are amazing, we especially adore Rosa and Daniela.
— Darlene Frederick - Norman
Juana & Daniela came at the end of the day, & had just come from a deep cleaning job. You’d never have known if they were tired!!! They were so efficient. I’m so very pleased
— Becky S - Norman
We have biweekly cleaning set up with Maid OK, and we are very pleased. Rosa and Shawn always do such a great job, and there is nothing better than coming home from work to a nice clean house that smells good!
— Laura Watson - Blanchard
Juana and Daniela did a very good job. I always appreciate that they do everything on my list.
— Toni D - Norman
On 8 October the 3 ladies,Andrea,Abighailand Maria arrived-on time-for a Deep Clean Service and as soons as they got inside started to work in various areas. They worked dilengtly though the afternoon and never stopped to “chat” or otherwise halting their work. They did an excellent and thorough job. I would not hesitate to recommend them to all. We are going to continue with the periodic services the company provides
— Don Pope - Oklahoma City
I’ve been using Maid Ok for about a year now and I refuse to give them up. Rosa and Daniela are always on time, they are very energetic, they always ask if they don’t know where something goes. My 3 year old loves them and is always very disappointed if we miss a week. I’m always very pleased with their work and I love that I can spend more time with my family because my house is already clean for the weekend.
— Sarah Fleming - Norman
I should have recognised Juana and Cinthia in my previous note. They make a difference everytime. I love walking in my house after they have been there.
— Joni Tiller - Norman
Juana and Cinthia did an AMAZING job on our house!!! It always looks so beautiful and clean like the house is brand new every week! We really appreciate their hard work!
— Tux Jackson - Moore
I have been very pleased with Maid OK services. This is only my second time but I am definitely setting up regular appts. It is so wonderful to come home from a long day at work, to find the house clean and smells fresh. Today Juana and Daniela came to our home and did a fabulous job. I have three large dogs on the property and we had no trouble. I was worried that it would require me to be home – but today proved that they are professional and accommodating to my needs. Thank you!
— Joni Tiller - Norman