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Based out of Moore Oklahoma and Serving the Purcell Metro area with detail oriented service at a reasonable rate using state of the art cleaning equipment. Maid OK has been proudly serving the Oklahoma County and the Oklahoma City metro area since 2010. And providing the people here with great Purcell commercial cleaning service. Our team members are trained to deliver you the best service they can. Our technical knowledge is bar none. Maid Ok’s cleaning method uses hot water extraction and truck mounted equipment to clean deep into the fibers of your carpet. Combined with certified techs and powerful cleaning agents, this makes it one of the most effective non toxic cleaning methods in the industry. Known as steam cleaning, this method removes dust mites, allergens, and other pollutants that collect in your carpet, as well as pet dander. These can be the cause for triggering allergies as well as other breathing problems. Hot water extraction is safe for kids and pets, as well as the mother nature.

Our Service


Home Care

We take pride in only using the highest quality and safest cleaning products on your valuable carpet and upholstered surfaces. We use the best products in the carpet cleaning industry.


Commercial Service

We offer commercial carpet cleaning services, including institutions, hospitals, schools, churches, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, stores and apartment complexes.



We use safe, biodegradable, and non-toxic cleaning solutions. We also utilize a low-moisture system that dries quickly to minimize the impact of humidity. Our green cleaning products are safe for you, and safe for the environment!

Did you know that you can actually save your carpets and upholstery with routine maintenance?

Maid OK offers two different types of carpet cleaning packages.  We use a hot water extraction method to deep clean even the toughest of carpets. The high-caliber machine we use is equipped with the ability to clean your carpets at a continuous heat of 180 degrees at 300 PSI, a wand that vacuums up to 30% more than the average market rate, meaning faster drying time!  As always, hallways and closets are complimentary.  

Protector Package consists of 3 rooms or up to 600 sq. ft. of carpet.  You will get our all-inclusive pet odor destroying enzymes, deodorizer, and spot treatment removal as well as Scotchgard.  All this for $160.

Premium Package is for 3 rooms or up to 600 sq. ft. with our all-inclusive pet odor destroying enzymes, deodorizer, and spot treatment removal.  There will be no Scotchgard added.  Book now for $130.

Upholstery Cleaning

Different upholstery requires different cleaning techniques. Our Maid OK team will recommend the appropriate cleaning method for your upholstery. Keeping your upholstery clean will not only brighten up a home but create a healthier environment for your family. 

Our powerful hot-water extraction furniture cleaning process creates a cleaner environment while also protecting your investment. 

Call Maid OK today for an upholstery cleaning quote or fill out the form below. Our Maids with a mission are available to travel to Norman, OKC, Moore, Edmond and other surrounding OK towns. 

How often should carpet be cleaned?

If you have a house with 2 adult non-smokers, your carpet needs to be cleaned every 6-12 months. If 2 adult smokers, every 4 months. If you have children or pets, we recommend every 6 months. And if you have children AND pets, every 3 months


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