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Alcpt Form 80 Test [FULL Version] Download.210 [Latest-2022]




212. Starting with the fuel stored in the reactor coolant storage, the first step is to convert the fuel from the metal to a gas by nuclear fission. This is known as the first stage of conversion. Next, the conversion step is taken to a liquid, and that is the second stage of conversion. This is the second stage of reprocessing. The plutonium ( Pu) created by the fission process is a gas at normal temperatures and it can be dissolved in the liquid and then to return the solution to a solid at elevated temperatures, the third stage of conversion. The fuel is then returned to the fuel storage. The stored fuel is surrounded by an inert gas atmosphere to protect it from air. This process is called gasification. Fuel fabrication The fabrication process involves separating the uranium from the beryllium, boron and other metal components of the fuel. The fuel consists of two to five zirconium pellets embedded in a stainless steel basket. Each pellet is two inches long and 0.5 inch in diameter. The individual pellets are heated to 900 °F for 20 minutes. After the pellet is heated, the beryllium and boron are fused and melted off. This is done with chemical vapors. There are several manufacturing processes. The zirconium can also be fused directly into the pellets. The higher the temperature, the less the purity of the zirconium. So the fuel cannot be remelted or returned to the factory. This process is done at the nuclear plant. In the ZR-250 reactor fuel fabrication process, the fuel pellets are immersed in the molten zinc at temperatures of 900 to 1050 °F. This process is called In-Batch Lining. The boron and some of the zirconium that have vaporized are returned to the molten metal. This process is known as Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). CVD is a process used to create ceramic material. Deposition is the act of adding molecules to a surface. In CVD, the powder or grains are added to the hot metal surface and the heat causes the atoms to add to the metal. CVD is used to build up layers of materials. The boron and zirconium vaporize off and travel to the surface of the molten metal. The thin layer of material builds up and forms a solid. During this process, the material produced is similar to the quality



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Alcpt Form 80 Test [FULL Version] Download.210 [Latest-2022]

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