Your Spring Cleaning Guide

It’s that calm before the storm period for your home that many families brace themselves for.

Of course, we are referring to that spring cleaning period when you are preparing your home for the summertime—a time where burgeoning weeds, dust and dirt can become odious visitors for one’s house.

To that end, we have put together a list that addresses all of the most salient and relevant points to consider when going about your spring cleaning routine.

How do I start?

While the concept is flowery and indeed quixotic, it’s not going to happen unless you exert enough effort into the process. In other words, you’re not going to like the result of your cleanliness if you don’t have an accountability partner.

First off, tell someone to keep you accountable. This way, you will be subconsciously forcing yourself to get the job done. You can either take to social media to announce this, or simply notify your friends and family.

A garden bed before spring cleanup by GFDL via Wikimedia Commons.

Next, you need to make a plan beforehand. Rest assured, you don’t need to go into superfluous detail, but it is still important to spur you into action nonetheless.

When am I supposed to start?

There are many methods people will use to determine when they should start their own spring cleaning routine. For our intents and purposes, however, we will give you some tried and true strategies to use on your own time.

First, you can make an intuitive assessment to determine if the timing is just right. Start by opening the windows in your home. Do you feel the warm fresh air during the afternoon time breezing through the entryway? If you can comfortably do this, then spring cleaning time is coming up soon!

Spring time flowers by David Yu via Flikr.

You can also start this when you are able to clear out a day or two in schedule to make way for a long day of cleaning. For many households, this will be during the weekend, but it can vary depending on where you are at with your vocation and life situation, too.

Why is spring cleaning necessary?

There are a sundry of reasons why spring cleaning is an exigent necessity for your home. Not only does it instill proven mental health benefits, but it’s also an efficacious way to cleanse your home after the winter time.

Cleaning during the spring by Allison Pruitt via PacResMortgage.

In other words, spring cleaning offers you an opportunity to catch up on all of the cleaning you weren’t able to get around to during the winter months. Additionally, this is also a good time to mark those perennial chores off on the checklist, too. Moreover, if the chores are more correlated with duties to complete during the spring—i.e. Cleaning—then you will also be more likely to remember them.

Lastly, you will also find that a once-a-year deep cleaning also helps ensure your home will be bereft of mold or grout, too.

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