Why you should have your home cleaned when it is on the market

Here at Maid OK we are asked a lot if a customer's home would be sold faster if their house was cleaned when it is on the market.  Here are a few tasks you should do before you put it up for sale.


House hunters do not want to see all your "stuff" around the house.  They want to see the house itself and the condition that it is in.  People will open closets, drawers, cabinets, pantries, basically any door that the hunters can touch, they will open it.

Make the house bigger and brighter by getting the clutter out of the home. This includes over sized sofas, too many chairs, book shelves, toys, pictures of your family, decorations, bathroom decor, and even coffee tables if you have too many.  Do this to every room to make the focus on the house, not on your stuff.  Go out and buy some boxes or containers to store these items in and keep them at bay until you get to your new home.

Storage units that will remain will need to be empty or at least well organized and cleaned so the potential buyer will be able to see how much space they will have for their items. If the storage unit is small and will be going with you to the new home, make sure that you have it locked and the buyer knows that it will be relocating with you, or if possible remove it ahead of time.


De-clutter your clothes out of the closets that you will not wear, bookshelves of all unnecessary clutter, and do not forget the garage.  If you need money for your new home, have a big garage sale!

Clean everything!!  That is where Maid OK comes in.  The house hunters will look at every nook and cranny and they will not turn a blind eye if something is out of place or not cleaned.  If the home has not been kept up, you might think about having the maids clean all the walls and then you touch them up with fresh paint.

Tile and grout needs to look like new. If the tile & grout looks clean enough to eat off of, the buyer won't think twice about whether it is safe or not to run around barefoot in their new home. It will also assist in hiding the signs of pets if you have one that frequently has accidents.

Windows and carpets need to be perfect.  Who wants to walk into a home that they might potentially buy and the carpets have stains and it smells like dog.  Maid OK has a great package for all types of carpet that will rid of all these barriers, and the window cleaning package includes cleaning the windows inside and out including all the screens and tracks.

Anything that you would like to take to the new home that you do not want the potential customer to want during the buying process, you need to remove and pack away.  Potential buyers will try to get anything free for their new house.

Don't forget the outside.  If you have heard it once you have heard it twice, curb appeal!  Trim up the bushes, plant some pretty, colorful flowers, and make sure to mow the grass and edge.

Make sure that you clean out those gutters and remove all debris and leaves. Power wash all outside concrete such as sidewalks, front and/or back patio, and the driveway. Don't forget about the siding along the house.

Now get your house on the market and check back in a few weeks to see what else we have for ya.

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