Why Professional Window Cleaning is Important in Oklahoma

We’ve touched on DIY window cleaning in previous articles.

However, enlisting the help of a licensed, seasoned professional (like us) can often be the best course of action in a state like Oklahoma—where interior dust accumulation is an endemic, recurring problem.

Indeed, the ‘Silent Generation’ could certainly remember Black Sunday, which took place on April 14, 1935, in which our state encountered the worst dust storm in the annals of American history.

Since then, the dust problem hasn’t been extinguished entirely. And to that end, we wanted to supply reasons why professional assistance for de-dusting your windows might be the best option for you.

After all, this isn’t any menial type of cleaning. You need to know what you’re doing and how you want to do it on a scrupulous level.

Here’s the list of reasons why our professional window cleaning services are probably your best option moving forward.


Cleaning both the interior and exterior of your home can be a dangerous process. This is especially the case if you have to use a ladder to reach certain out-of-the-way places around your home—which is all the more pertinent for abodes of more than one story.

In fact, any risk of falling should be completely circumvented through the use of our services, thereby reducing the harm to you and increasing the likelihood of a thorough and clean shine on your home’s windows.

Window cleaning with a ladder by Hirangewindowcleaningservices via Wikimedia Commons.

With professional window cleaning, we are also equipped with spotting, identifying and remedying ancillary issues with your windows like improperly fitted window screens, wood rot, damaged glass and more.

In addition, all of these potential problems could lead to safety issues in the future. So we are also on the lookout for these while making sure your windows are fully cleaned, too.

We use only the best cleaning products

Lysol disinfectant by ajay_suresh via Wikimedia Commons.

At Maid OK, we use only the best proven products in our repertoire to make sure your windows receive a pristine clean, which separates us from many of our competitors. As you’ll see with our work, your windows will be free of streaks once our tasks are complete.

So hiring a professional for your home from this aspect may certainly be one of the more cogent reasons to do so.

Your window’s longevity

Outdoor home window by Bicanski via Pixnio.

With our services, you will be gaining an investment for your home’s windows that will be exigent to your household’s overall value in the immediate future.

Indeed, fellow Oklahomans can empathize with the all-too-common plight of dirt and debris accumulation on our homes. With regular cleanings from our proven strategies and services, you will also be extending the life of your windows in-turn.

You get more time to devote to other things throughout your day

Business meeting by user via Pxhere.

When washing your windows, this can be siphon on your time during your regular day. With Maid OK, you save potential hours of work in the process.

This could be an incremental part of your schedule, so deferring this work to your seasoned professionals over at Maid OK would be an efficacious way to optimize your schedule, especially as working from home becomes a staple in the economy for the time being.

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