Tips for a Streamlined Residential Home Cleaning

Updated: Jun 24

For some people, residential home cleaning is one of the more inuring forms of work.

Luckily, we have put together a list so that you can get these chores done quickly and effortlessly.

Please note that these are not put together in any particular order.

Dust and vacuum

A static vacuum by WordRidden via Flikr.

As a personal preference, it’s probably best to dust all surfaces, clean miscellaneous crumbs and debris off of hard surfaces before cleaning the floors. For starters, make sure all ceiling fans are turned off. This way, there will be a dearth of dust chemicals dispersed during your clean, making for an odious altogether. Remember to concentrate on the tops of surfaces for best effect.

Turn your focus to sinks, toilets and tubs, if applicable

A big kitchen sink by Nicolas Boullosa via Flikr.

Remember to use spray cleaner on specific surfaces like bathroom tubs and sinks. After doing this, make sure to let the spray cleaner liquid sit so that there is time for it to dissolve all of the dirt and stains. When you’re in the kitchen area, make sure to also check different surfaces in this area with microwaves—quickly scrub the interior of these. Opt to clean the toilets last and check the garbage disposal—which often gets neglected. Always streamline scrub sinks!

Remember to sweep first

House cleaning with a mop by Marco Verch Professional via Flikr.

You will always want to sweep first before mopping. If you choose the inverse of this, then your mop will be exceedingly dirty, and will in-turn spread unwanted debris across your floors. Also make sure to start from a given corner of the room prior to starting on your project, so that you don’t inadvertently pigeon-hole yourself into a corner.

Don’t stand in one spot while vacuuming

Vacuum cleaning by user via Pixhere.

While vacuuming, try not to worry too much about covering every single square inch of your house. So make sure to keep moving, as this can take a while overall and only carpeting is relatively germane to this process, too. Indeed, some spots of the house require much more attention than others. Therefore, some will have to be occasionally checked—windows, bath mats, etc.—while others are more frequent.

Actively wash your cleaning tools

Housemaid cleaning supplies by Marco Verch Professional via Flikr.

Many people will often overlook this process, simply because they forget that having dirty cleaning tools can result in other areas becoming accidentally contaminated with unwanted chemicals or debris. As another unintended result, the overall cleaning process will be delayed, too, if you’re using tainted tools.

Get others to join in on the fun

Floor cleaning by Marco Verch Professional via Flikr.

Not only will this strategy help with making this a more enjoyable experience overall, but by letting people in on your next clean will also allow this process to go much faster, too. Make sure to schedule this event ahead of time with your friends and family, which will give them ample notice to clear out time in their respective lives.

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