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“Stuff and Shut” might be the name of your cleaning game when you have company coming over or need to have rooms cleaned in a hurry. Today, Maid OK is going to sort through all of the things that do belong in a closet while finding a new home for things that don’t.

Get Everything off the Floor.

Pull everything out of the closet that isn’t hanging where it’s supposed to be and start by going through those items.

  • If it is a toy, it should find a new home.

  • If it is a keepsake, you might want to tuck it away in a storage container and put it on the top shelf of the closet. Just make sure to label the box so you know what’s inside.

  • Try on all of the shoes in your closet (or have your kids try on their shoes). Do they fit? If not, immediately put them in the giveaway pile. If they do, think about the last time you wore them. Have you worn them in the most recent season? If yes, keep them. If not, give them away. If you went a whole season without them, you can pass them on to someone else.

“Hanging” On?

Now, it’s time to dive into the stuff that's hanging in your closet. Sort carefully and evaluate every piece of clothing. As you pick up each item, ask yourself these questions on how to clean my closet:

  • Is it stained or have holes or yellow armpit stains? If so, get rid of it. What are the chances of you actually wearing it, even if it is your favorite piece?

  • Does it fit well? If it's too baggy because it's worn out, give it away. If it is too tight, go ahead and give it away too.

  • Is it in style? Is it YOUR style? If it is out-of-style, give it away. If it is no longer your style, give it away. If you don’t like it now, you probably won’t like it in two weeks and you probably won’t wear it within the next month. So, pass it on to someone that will.

  • Have you worn it within the last month? Going along with the last point, if you haven’t worn it in the past month, what are the chances that you will wear it next month? Go ahead and give it away.

  • Is it a multiple of another piece? We are often drawn to the same types of clothing. For some, navy blue stripes might consume your wardrobe. For others, it could be red shirts. If you have multiples of the same piece, but typically gravitate toward the same one time after time, get rid of the rest. Free up some hanging space and give someone else the opportunity to wear your favorites too!

Make sure that everything that you are keeping has a hanger and a purpose for your wardrobe.

How was today’s challenge? We hope that you will follow along and continue to allow Maid OK to help you simplify your home for the new year! Our maids will travel to OKC, Edmond, Moore, Guthrie, Yukon and more. Give us a call and be sure to ask about our monthly cleaning special!

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