Simplifying your Bathrooms

Simplifying your Bathrooms Regardless of who you are, what you do, who fills the walls of your home, the bathroom is one room that all of us use on a daily basis. Bathrooms can become cluttered quickly- often times we don’t want to hang up our clothes after a long day, so they get thrown in a pile on the floor and many bathroom cabinets are filled with half empty conditioner bottles and old toothbrushes. Maid OK is here to help with all of your organizing needs!

Shower Power Let’s start by powering through your shower. Throw out empty product bottles as well as those that you do not use on a weekly basis. Only keep one bottle of shampoo, conditioner, body wash/face wash, shaving gel and razor in the shower to eliminate the clutter and chance of knocking something over.

Consider purchasing a shower storage caddy or shelf to store these products, if you do not have a shelf built in. Keeping everything in one place with a drainable bottom will prevent soap and grime build-up on your tub or tile.

Just Part With It Your bathroom drawers and cabinets might be the most tedious task of the day, but once it’s done, you will probably feel like you conquered the world. Tip: Don’t touch your countertops until we are done with the cabinets and drawers. So let’s do this.

Start with the drawers first. Take everything out. Separate the items that you need to keep and that you can toss. Also have a basket for things that need to find a new home. The hair tie that is hanging on by a thread- that can go. The earring that you have been missing for months- put it back in the right spot.

Be conscious of makeup expiration timelines and toss makeup that you haven’t used recently. Wipe everything down and organize your drawers with small containers or even a cutlery tray from your kitchen drawers. Once you have the drawers cleaned out and organized, let’s move to the cabinets.

Once again, pull everything out. Check for expired products and medications. Combine half empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner if possible. If you haven’t used it in the past two weeks to a month, what are the chances that you will use it in the future?

Think of the expensive eye cream that you bought and have only used once in the past 3 months, old foot scrubs that are probably dried out, scented lotions that just weren’t your scent- just toss ‘em.

Once you have your necessities set aside, wipe down the cabinet and load your “keepers” in a plastic storage drawer that you can pull out to see even the things in the back.

Linens Most homes have more towels than needed which take up valuable shelf space and adds an extra 5 minutes to your laundry time. Our team suggests keeping two sets of towels per person that lives in your home. This includes two towels, washcloths and hand towels. That is enough towels to cover guests if needed, but also does not require you to do laundry every week. Go ahead and give away the rest.

How was today’s challenge? We hope that you will follow along and continue to allow Maid OK help you simplify your home for the new year! Our team can travel to anywhere in the OKC metro, Norman, Moore, Edmond, Yukon and more!

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