Re-Think Cleaning Your Oklahoma City Home

You may or may not have a process for cleaning your OKC home. The maids at MaidOK, believe that cleaning can often times be all “in your head”. A messy home or room can be overwhelming and stressful. Worry not, as we are here to help you come up with a better cleaning list that will prevent messes in the future. This should allow you to save time and become a bit more efficient in your cleaning habits.

Use Your Cleaners Right

Chances are, you may not be reading the instructions correctly on your household cleaners. For instance, a disinfectant may instruct you to wait at least 10 minutes after applying the solution on your surface. How often have you waited for a cleaner to sit on a surface for at least 5-10minutes? Although this may seem time-consuming, you’ll be tackling stains effectively and killing germs and viruses.

How Much Detergent Do You Need?

For heavier loads, your instant though may be to simply use a bit more detergent. We recommend using the same amount of detergent as you usually would. This is because, the more detergent you add, the harder it is to get out of your clothes. If you still want to add more detergent, try to give your washer another rinse and spin cycle to ensure everything is cleared out.

Don’t Ignore High Traffic Touched Areas

To prevent the spread of germs and viruses, we recommend wiping high touched areas such as your night stand, doorknobs, tables, handles, etc. at least once a day. This will keep germs and bay. Keeping your family and friends safe.

Contact The Experts

MaidOK offers a full house cleaning that will change your life. We offer three different packages to choose from using the best house cleaners, cleaning tools, and the best maids in town. Simply contact us at (405) 447-4964 or fill out a form!

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