The Dangers of Mixing These Together

A lot of these cleaners you would think you could use together, but DON'T!  People are trying to stay on top of the cleanings at their home these days so there are a lot of cleaning "scams" out there that say you can do it better and faster, but take Maid OK's word for it, this is NO joke! 

These are everyday products that you have around your home that work good per say when you use them by themselves, but mixing them together can be harmful.  Print this off and put it where you keep your cleaning supplies so you make sure to never do this. 

Bleach and Vinegar

These two mixed together will produce a nasty gas called chloramine. Most people get sick pretty fast as it will cause shortness of breath and chest pain.  

Two different Types of Drain Cleaners at the Same Time

These type of cleaners create a chemical that is airborne that can burn the inside of the nose and eat at your drain and pipes.  If the first cleaner is not working, call a plumber. 

Bleach and Ammonia

Mixing these two will result in a gas that is chloramine vapor, which has the potential to form hydrazine.  Hydrazine can cause headaches, dizziness, and seizures to name a few.  

Rubbing Alcohol and Bleach

This mixture can cause some serious issues, most commonly called chlorophylle. If it soaks into the skin it can cause irritation, loss of judgement, dizziness and a host of other problems. 

If you think about it, mixing any chemical when you are not a professional is not a great idea.  There are cleaning agents that are clean, organic, or essential oil based and do not harm you.  Here at Maid OK, we would suggest always making sure that what your concoction includes does not require you to wear a hazmat suit to clean with it. Maid OK's 22+ years experience has shown us a lot, and our best bet is to stay away from bleach.  

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