Let Maid OK Simplify your Family Room

Let Maid OK Simplify Your Family Room: Common areas like the family room or toy room can often become a dumping ground for anything and everything- socks, sweatshirts, homework, bedspreads- you name it, it has probably made its’ way to the family room at some point. Our maids will make sure it finds its way back home. Here’s to finding missing socks in the toy boxes and remotes under the couch!

Grab a trash bag or two, a basket for the items you want to give away, put on your favorite pump-up music and let’s get started!

Watch Your Feet: Let’s start with what is cluttering the floor and walking areas.

  • Find a home for blankets: Blankets are big and bulky and often get thrown on the floor or wadded up on the couch when not in use. Try hiding them in a storage ottoman or a decorative basket at the end of your couch. By having a storage place for them, you can just drop them in and run rather than folding them up each time.

  • Toys might be covering your floors as well, but we will get to those in a second.

Table Top: What is cluttering your coffee table or end tables? Create a command center for your daily necessities and leave the rest out. Use a decorative basket or storage container to house your remote controls, coasters and maybe a phone charger if those seem to get tangled in your feet while on the floor. Find a new home for everything else so that your coffee table will be clear.

Play Zone: Going through toys can be a daunting task, but it is so worth it! Here are some decluttering tips for your kid’s toys:

  • Duplicate toys: Do your kids need multiples of the same toy? How often are both of the toys being used simultaneously? Unless they are both used frequently, it is probably time to pass them on to someone else.

  • Toys that don’t work or are missing pieces: If they don’t work, go ahead and toss them. Chances are, the toy has lost its magic since it doesn’t work, and most likely they won’t miss it being gone.

  • Toys that your kids are too old for: Take a glance at your kids’ toy selection. Are all of the toys filling your shelves age appropriate? It can be hard to part with your child’s favorite childhood toys, so if necessary, choose one or two to save in a memory box, but pass the rest onto another family that might enjoy them.

  • Freebie restaurant toys or party favors: Usually these plastic toys can only survive a few uses before breaking and their simplicity often loses your kid’s interest quickly. Our vote is to toss them to make room for more special toys.

Keep the toys that made the cut in storage containers on your shelves. Baskets or tubs without lids are a great option because you can toss toys in them without worrying about making sure the lid will still close. While having assigned bins for categories of toys sounds like a dream, we know that it is unrealistic when kids are constantly bouncing between different toys. The Maid OK team suggests opaque containers to create a cohesive look, regardless of what is inside.

How was today’s challenge? Are there areas of your home that you want us to help you tackle next? We have maids and will travel to all OKC metro areas along with Norman, Blanchard, Newcastle and Noble, call today to get a quote!

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