How Can I Tidy My Closet?

Updated: Nov 7

Do you find yourself running out of room in your closet or find it a bit messy? We have the perfect organizing solution for you no matter what size your closet is. Follow the deep clean closet tips below for a refreshing and efficient closet space you will fall in love with!

Get Rid Of Stuff

As crazy or disturbing as it may sound so some of you that love collecting just about anything, it's time to toss some of it out. Mark a date and time you plan to remove unwanted items. Be sure to donate the items you no longer need or wish to have. Contributing to someone in need will allow you to feel good about your actions.

Divide Into Piles

Make sections of the remaining items into what you usually wear, what you haven’t worn in over a year, and what you want to keep to fix up or mend. If you haven’t worn an item from six months to a year, carefully decide what the next steps are.

Take A Picture Of It

Once you have set aside your items, sort them out and group them. Shirts on side, then jeans, pants, blouses, sweaters, and jackets. This will allow you to easily find the items you are looking for. When you’re all finished and are content with the work of art you’ve created, snap a picture! Show it off to your significant other or simply keep it to remind yourself of what you want your closet to really look like.

MaidOK Can Help

MaidOK offers to organize, sorting, and decluttering closet cleaning services that can help you clean your closet and other areas of your home as well. We can help you stay organized and maintain cleanliness in your home for months and years to come. Simply contact us at (405) 447-4964 or fill out a form!

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