Here Are Some Easy Ways to Clean Your Room

Probably one of the oldest adages of mankind involves cleaning your room and all will be well with you in every aspect of your day.

However, many can be deterred after looking at mounting piles of clothes and clutter. Afterall, upon looking at towers of disorganized items can be quite daunting when thinking about how to conduct an expeditious cleaning.

Even so, we’ve developed some easy methods you can put to use that will enable you to clean your room easily and seamlessly.

Here are some steps you can take that won’t require professional assistance, and will save you time and money in the long run.

Get your mind right

It is tantamount to get yourself in the right headspace before cleaning. After all, you’re about to have quite an undertaking depending on your situation.

In other words, if you go into it with the wrong attitude or intention, then it can be very hard to conduct a thorough clean. In fact, if you go into your clean with a sanguine perspective, you’re more likely to get more done overall.

Healthy brain diagram by Tumisu via Pixabay.

Sometimes, getting into the right headspace can be as simple as making a slight tweak to your surroundings and ambiance. For example, maybe you need to put some music on or take some time to drink or eat a snack beforehand.

Essentially, give yourself ample time to prepare before you clean so that it can be done in an efficient manner. This way, you’ll be less likely to let your room go to the wayside in the future, too.

Use the best tools for the job

Cleaning tools by Marco Verch Professional via Flikr.

It cannot be emphasized enough to have the right tools for any job whether it’s outdoor chores or long-ranging indoor tasks. In fact, if you use the wrong tools, it can put you behind where you need to be.

Or conversely, you could be doing yourself more harm than good, too. This way, you won’t need to leave your room at all during the cleaning process, thereby optimizing your time and decreasing the amount of time spent trying to find tools throughout your home.

Implement a tried and true process

This is crucial, and we realize that everyone’s method will vary and depend on innumerable factors depending on their living situation.

However, we have a surefire method you can opt to implement on your own that can significantly improve your DIY cleaning experience from the granular to macro level.

To start off, the first segment of your clean should involve getting rid of all garbage and recycling; and putting things where they belong on an organizational level.

What’s easy for this part is that you don’t need any cleaning products to get this phase completed. However, make sure to have a bag on hand to easily pick up and store items as you go along.

Vacuuming by ryan lee via Flikr.

With this phase completed, you are now ready to actually clean your room from the granular level. Begin the second part by dusting using a microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner.

You can enlist these same items to de-dust and polish other areas that are exposed to dust accumulation like windows and nightstands, too.

Finally, you are ready for the last—and easiest—part, which is vacuuming. Once everything has been picked up from the floor, you can vacuum away to your heart’s content.

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