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Updated: Aug 12

We don’t know about you, but Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. Just like Christmas it feels like a month long festivity where all the fun times extend beyond the day of celebration.

Although unlike Christmas, Halloween is the perfect time to enjoy all the fun frights and scares the season can offer. From trick-or-treating with the kids to watching scary movies for a date night at home, the spooky season sure can be a fun one.

Also the month of fun starts bringing color to the trees, makes the nights longer and cozier, and reminds us that just around the corners is all the amazing food for Thanksgiving.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Halloween deserves plenty of attention. This year we may finally get to have a somewhat normal holiday as opposed to last year as we were in the first phases of the pandemic. Now however we can start to enjoy the events we love so much again.

Whether you plan on having a quiet night in or if you want to get your friends together for a celebration of all things spooky, we have the tips and tricks to make sure the state of your home isn’t the scariest thing this Halloween when it comes to party cleaning.

Person hanging up Halloween lights

Clean Before Decorating

As you prepare to hang up the fake cobwebs, make sure you get off the real ones first.

We don’t blame you if your home is looking a little more shabby than chic as of late. We are approaching a full two years now that we have been in a global pandemic, and that can mean the home isn't cleaned like it used to before.

Odds are it’s been a while since you hosted people for a gathering of any sort, and after so long it can feel hard to know where to even begin. But there’s no need to worry or get overwhelmed, just take a step back, take a breath, and look at the bigger picture.

Think about the work that needs to be done in categories. If you approach it one step at a time it can be much more manageable. Tackle the dusting, then the windows, followed by the floors. Or if it helps, try to break it up by room and do it in smaller increments at a time.

The best recommendation we can make in this situation is to enlist the help of expert cleaners from professional cleaning services.

There are a couple reasons we recommend handing the cleaning work off to the professionals. For one, there is a lot more you will have to do to prepare as we’ll discuss below, so it’s best to focus on that and let the professional cleaners do what they do best. Also, the kind of cleaning that needs to be done when you haven’t had guests in almost two years is best left to people that can take the time to get the job done perfectly. And last but definitely not least is that it’s one less stress to worry about.

Once all of the prep work is done, you can finally let your home show off its full spooky potential and set up all your decorations.

Prepare Some Snacks

One of the best parts of any get together is the endless field of snacks and drinks to enjoy.

It can be a lot to take on, especially with a holiday. But the good news is that there are several ways you can tackle the food and beverages depending on your level of desire to cook or prepare food.

Some of us wait all year for the opportunity to try out some new Halloween themed cookies and punch, and others stay as far away from the kitchen as possible. Either way you can have a great night with no pressure.

Like we said, if you like to cook and make snacks, this is the time you have been waiting for. You can make all the fun recipes you’ve been dying for an excuse to make. However, that can be time-consuming and labor intensive. There’s no need to have a dozen homemade snack options. You can get pre-made goods as well as make some of your own.

Also a great option is to have a put-luck style Halloween night. If everyone brings a little something to the evening's festivities there will be plenty of food to go around, and a bunch of recipes to swap and share.

Kids cutting pumpkins for Halloween

Don’t Forget The Music

Depending on who you are, you may be a music lover, or just a casual fan. Regardless of that, the music is one of the most important aspects of any party.

The music can be the determining factor for the mood of the evening. So take some time before your event to find a playlist on a streaming service or make your own.

Making a great playlist is an art form in its own right at this point. Some of us aren’t as in tune with the music that will make for a great party as others. So don’t be shy about asking a friend if they are interested in making a playlist or know of one that may be good for the party. Your music loving friend may actually jump at the opportunity to be in control of the music for the night.

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