How to Wash Pillows by Hand without Clumping

Updated: 2 days ago

If you have ever desired to clean more than just the linen on your bed and comforters, this article is for you. Cleaning a pillow or laundering your pillows sounds a bit ridiculous but there are simple methods of cleaning your pillows depending on the type of fabric and material your pillows are made of.

According to Clean Mama, you should only launder pillows that are synthetic. It may be difficult or impossible to clean latex and foam pillows which can do more damage than cleaning. You will want to simply add detergent and an oxygen whitener to remove set in stains. Then, you will set your washer to a gentle cycle using warm water. We recommend using one or two pillows at a time. Also, be sure to run the rinse cycle one more time to ensure all the water has completly drained off.

Simply put the washed pillows in the dryer. Clean Mama recommends "dry on a low to medium heat cycle and avoid any high heat". You can also add wool balls or even tennis balls to allow your pillows to remain in full shape. We also recommend rotating the pillows every so often to ensure it is dried on all areas.

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