Check Out Our December Home Organization Checklist

The last month of the year may bring many stresses from holiday decorations to end of the year house cleaning. Refresh your home for the new year with our home organization checklist! While you are getting ready for the holidays and new year, Maid OK can provide the following organization ideas to incorporate in your home!

  1. Grab House Laundry

  2. De-Clutter Each Room

  3. Add Flowers or Candles

Complete Your House Laundry

It's the perfect time to ensure all parts of your home are clean which might start with laundry. We're talking about everything. From sheets and comforters to table clothes and guest bathroom towels. If you're able to toss it in the washer, do it. The CDC mentions wiping all surfaces, but can you imagine how many germs or particles remain on fabric material if left unwashed? Yikes! If you don't have the time, simply call Maid OK and we can fold and hang your laundry!

De-Clutter Each Room

How do you declutter? De-cluttering means getting rid of unnecessary items and organizing what you'd like to keep. Depending on how messy your room is, you'll want to start with create two piles. One pile will by the pile you donate, recycle, or toss into the trash. The other will be the one you use to sort and organize into sections. A good tip to keep in mind is to break everything down into categories.

Add Flowers or Candles

Refresh your home with fresh flowers or scented candles. Candles are a great decorating tip and will make your home feel more complete after a full cleaning! Whether you plan on bringing guests or simply want to decorate for the holidays, flowers or even poinsettias can bring happiness and warmth throughout!

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