Carpet Cleaning Guide 2020: How to Tackle the Toughest Stains

Oh no! You just spilled the unthinkable on your carpet! It’s ruined … or at least you think it is, but with a little elbow grease and the right strategy, you can remove almost anything from the surface.

First, the best way to remove stubborn stains from the carpet is to act as quickly as possible. This is definitely not an “oh, I’ll get that later” kind of problem. After you get started, the next steps will depend on the type of stain.


When your favorite candle drips wax on the carpet, you might think the stain is there for good. To remove it, start by scraping up the hardened wax gently with a butter knife. Next, dampen a white cotton towel, fold it in half and place it over the stain. Use a hot iron on the damp towel to extract the wax out of the carpet.

Finally, use a stain remover on the carpet to pull out any remaining wax or color residue. After it dries, it should be good as new.

Red Wine

You sit down to enjoy your delicious glass of red wine, and then another glass and maybe one more. Just when you think you are going to sit down and watch Netflix with your final glass of wine, you trip, and now your carpet is wearing a stain. Red wine is one of the toughest adversaries to clean up, but it isn’t impossible if you don’t waste time on cleaning it up.

Kool-Aid, tomato juice, red wine or other types of synthetic red stains are difficult, but not impossible to remove. These stains generally occur as accidents while hosting parties or when the kids get home from school. It’s important to know when this type of mess occurs, time is important.

Start by blotting (no scrubbing) up the liquid. A little cool water will help dilute it and make it easier to extract. Add some baking soda or salt to the area to aid in the absorption of the red wine. Finally, vacuum the stain and repeat the process until it is gone.


Glitter is the gift that just keeps giving. The moment you think you’ve finally picked up every little speck more appear from seemingly nowhere. You have two options: accept it as your new home decor, or spend some time and effort trying to remove it. How do you win the war with glitter stains?

First, you vacuum slowly and repeatedly over the surface. Next, grab a lint roller and use it to pull more out of the fibers. Finally, use a damp paper towel to blot out anything remaining. Unless you want glitter to plague your house again, it might be wise to empty the vacuum outdoors.

Nail Polish or Ink

Your three-year-old wants nails just like mommy. So she rummages through the bathroom cabinets until she finds the nail polish. Her limited dexterous fingers mean less polish on her nails and more on the carpet. Don’t worry, it’s not a permanent stain if you act quickly.

Most importantly, keep the area damp with water. If the nail polish remover won’t damage the color of the carpet, then apply it to a soft cloth and begin blotting the stain. Use rubbing alcohol or hairspray to further help clean up the stain. Alcohol-based products act as a degreasing agent, effectively removing several ink stains.

Is your carpet white? No problem. Hydrogen Peroxide can help bleach the area. Once you remove the polish or ink, then clean the area with mild soap or carpet shampoo. Don’t forget to press out all the water.

Pet Stains

It’s hard not to love a new puppy with their cute little barks. That is until they use your carpet as their new bathroom. Untrained animals can unintentionally cause damage to carpets, and the mess creates unpleasant odors too.

Clean up the mess by first soaking up as much of the urine as possible with a thick layer of paper towels. Use a deodorizer so your pet won’t go back to the area thinking it is the appropriate place because they can smell the previous accident. Also avoid any strong chemicals, because your puppy or kitten might try to remark the area. Vacuum and let it dry.

Avoid using steam cleaners because the heat will ingrain the stain and odor by bonding the protein to fibers.


A delicious cup of coffee is the right way to start any day. However, dropping the cup full of your morning fuel on the floor is certainly frustrating. Don’t worry, you didn’t ruin the carpet.

Start by blotting up the spill with a dry towel. Use a mixture of vinegar, water and a gentle detergent to spritz the area and continue blotting the area until the coffee is removed from the fibers.

At the end of the day, it’s best not to cry over spilt milk (or coffee or wine). It is all fairly easy to remove from the surface.

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