Best Winter House Cleaning Tips

Updated: Oct 7

The winter time can bring a stressful aura to your life, especially during Christmas time. And sometimes, it can be hard to determine where to even begin depending on your situation.

And while many might see this as a cozy, snuggling time with their loved ones and an opportunity to catch up with old friends, for others, it’s a time to finally begin comprehensive cleaning of their home.

Depending on where you live, varying weather conditions can play a big role on the cleanliness—or lack thereof—for your home. Specifically, the amount of dust that gets tracked through your home can be correlated to changing weather patterns.

This is especially true as employees increasingly continue to work from home during the pandemic. Keeping all of this in mind, it can be difficult to determine how to begin your winter cleaning.

Luckily, we got you covered. Here are some top winter house cleaning tips to keep your living abode pristine during the holiday season.

Start with a checklist

3D rendered checklist by Animated Heaven via Flikr.

This may be like a simple trick to some, but you have to start somewhere. And creating your own checklist will allow you to parse through priorities that might be more crucial than others. It also serves to note there are cleaning apps to help you manage and organize these priorities with ease.

Check the fireplace

A living room fireplace by Andy Melton via Flikr.

It’s the quintessential staple for any household during the holidays: a crackling, cozy fireplace living room. However, a fireplace happens to be the very spot that acts as a proxy siphon for dirt and other unwanted contaminants. During the summer, dirt can quickly build-up in these spaces. So make sure to clean these spots so it’s working properly in time for Christmas!

Extirpate all out-of-the-way bacteria

Laptop keyboard by PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay.

One of the more subtle steps, it’s still nonetheless important to sanitize surfaces that can be potential harbingers of increased amounts of bacteria. Some examples include but are not limited to door handles, laptops, remote control(s) and other unsuspecting items. Try using a disinfectant or vinegar cleaning solution to purge all unwanted bacteria from these items.

Check behind the fridge

An LG fridge by Brett Spangler via Flikr.

You should technically be cleaning behind your fridge at a perennial rate. Start by pulling it away from the wall and try cleaning the refrigerator coils—if these get sullied, it can affect the energy output of your fridge and substantially increase your monthly energy bill in the process if unaddressed.

Purge and degrease the oven

Cleaning an oven with gloves by Fantastic Services via Flikr.

Typically during the colder months, your oven will likely be more frequently used. This is likely true if you factor in the surge in holiday festivities, dinners and other events that involve hosting for your loved ones or other friends. Keeping these possibilities in mind, your oven can become quite the mess if left unattended. Also, if you’re regularly cleaning your oven, you’re reducing the chance of smoking and fires along with strong food odors, too.

Finally, we know that some of these tasks can be quite cumbersome and time consuming. That’s why we recommend hiring the pros to make your life that much easier and seamless during this turbulent time. To get our on-site help, check out our home cleaning service packages at Maid OK today.

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