Are You Prepared for Winter Deep Cleaning?

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There are plenty of cleaning tips and tricks you can learn this winter when you plan your winter cleaning "sessions". Did you know, winter cleaning is just as important as spring-cleaning? Certain appliances and components of your home need to run efficiently throughout the winter and may need to be cleaned/maintained. Here are some deep cleaning tips and strategies for your to use this holiday season.

Have You Looked Behind Your Fridge?

We recommend that you check and clean the back of your fridge at least once a year. You'll find random objects and plenty of dust there. Cleaning the walls and floors is one thing, however, you'll want to thoroughly clean around and under your refrigerator or hire a professional such as Maid OK to do so. Additionally, when you decide to clean the back of your refrigerator, be sure to unplug it first!

Window Clean Your Home

Did you know, the best time to wash your windows are in the winter? When the outdoor temperatures are above freezing, we advise adding rubbing alcohol to your cleaning solution Why? This will prevent your water from freezing on the windows. Additionally, tips include using a squeegee top to bottom and cleaning the excess dirt or debris from the sills before starting the window glass panes.

Degrease the Oven

There are several ways to go about degreasing your oven no matter what the current state of it is! Whether you are looking forward to deep cleaning your oven or not, it is important to clean your oven from time to time before grease and rust begin to set in. Check out our cleaning methods for oven cleaning here!

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