All Laundry Tips and Tricks You Need for the New Year

Updated: Aug 12

It’s probably one of the most common household chores one could undergo: taking out inordinate amounts of laundry for your home. However, for what may seem like an easy, albeit tedious process, there are a few rites of passage you will need to be aware of to make for a smooth, easy laundry run.

Here are some of the top laundry tips and tricks we have concocted to help you in case we aren't there to lend a hand.

Pick the right detergent

This is a chore that can go easily overlooked at first, which is why it is all the more important to make sure you pick the correct detergent so that you don’t damage your washing machine. If you pick the wrong detergent, this can lead to costly repairs because it creates a surplus amount of suds which then cause the machines pumping to overheat or break down altogether.

Tide laundry detergent by Mike Mozart via Flikr.

To combat this problem from happening in the first place, don’t opt for the cheapest detergent or ones you’ve used for past dryers. Instead, you need to assess what your washing machine can take. For example, you can typically find liquid and powdered detergents. The former specializes in pretreating stains while the latter work for more general loads and are typically less expensive.

Decrease detergent intake

Another common mistake during the laundry process is using an overt amount of detergent. By putting a profuse amount of detergent into the machine, you can create so many suds that they can trap the soil which then redeposits onto your clothes. In essence, you’re practically using the laundry to your detriment at that point.

A Japanese washing machine by Peter Van den Bossche via Wikimedia Commons.

Instead, try using one-half less than the recommended amount on the label and assess whether the results are what you were looking for. This way, your clothes will look better and you can save money in the process, too. In addition, if you are smelling suspicious odors coming from your washer, this could also be potentially solved by using less detergent.

Cut down on wrinkled clothes

Now comes the time to determine whether you want to use a fabric softener or dryer sheet to reduce the possibility of wrinkles once your clothes are done. First, select the lowest dryer temperature allowable to make sure your clothes are optimally dry at the outset.

Wrinkled shirt by peapod labs via Flikr.

Next, remove your clothing as quickly as possible once the cycle is done. This is a frequent issue many people will make the mistake of doing and it will often result in a wrinkled-laden pile of clothes.

Now tend to all ‘delicate’ clothing

The next crucial item that comes into play are your delicate articles of clothing. For example, some of these include but are not limited to undergarments and other apparel you would tend to use for social outings. Of course, it would be in your best interest to increase the longevity of these clothes in particular.

Stylish elegant nylon and delicate floral lace bodice by Emms Benitez via Flikr.

To start, make sure to wash these clothes by hand by filling a sink with cool water. However, if you insist on using the washer machine, use the delicate cycle option for these clothes.

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