Air Ducts: They are NOT pretty

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Have you ever taken the filter out of the return vent and used a flashlight and stuck your head up in there to look around?  They are nasty and dirty.  Dusty, smelly, rodent poop, you name it, it probably lives in there.  

If that is the case, this should not be in there! They should be clean and no obstructions to block the airflow.  This is what is needed in order for your air to come out with a vengeance, especially in this hot Oklahoma weather. 

If you sit around in the morning with the blinds open and the sun shining in and you see little particles in the air, after you just dusted the day before, and you changed your air filters the

week before, this could be some stopped up air ducts. 

Has your electric bill sky rocketed since you turned on your AC?  Dirty ducts could be the reason.  Here at Maid OK we offer air duct cleaning tips and the latest in technology in air duct cleaning.

We clean air ducts in homes, apartments, offices, post construction, we can do just about any air duct job.



Your air ducts are a crucial part of your air/heat system.  When the ducts are dirty, wet, or blocked by debris, your system will work extra hard to get the air flowing to the rooms needing cooled or heated.

Having your air ducts professionally cleaned by Maid OK has some awesome benefits.  One, if you book your air duct cleaning of 10 or more openings, we will give you a free 2 man hour basic cleaning on us for after your duct cleaning. 

Two, the removal of allergens, dust, mold, and other substances in the ducts will make your air cleaner and help with allergies related to the above stated.  The amount of pollen in the state of Oklahoma is ridiculous, and running your air traps this allergy in the duct work.


How to Clean My Air Ducts

Cleaning of the ducts is a fairly easy process, it does need to be done by professionals.  At Maid OK we have the manpower to do all air ducts of any size and amount. 

There are two different parts of the air system that we look at first.  The supply and return.  These will be cleaned thoroughly and sprayed with a mold prevention solution.  

The next step is  Maid OK takes all the registers from the ceilings, walls, and floors.  We wash these with Dynamite heavy duty degreaser as well as an antimicrobial solution from Benefect.

Next our technician will clean the supply and return ducts.  This is done with our state of the art duct cleaning equipment and use negative pressure.  Once the technician is done with cleaning all vents out, he will then apply a few chemicals that will help prevent odors and airborne pathogens.  

 It may sound simple but the procedure takes time to make sure all vents are good and clean.  Depending on where you live in Oklahoma, how often you use your system, and if allergies or asthma is a factor, the national air duct cleaners association recommends getting your ducts cleaned every 3-5 years.  

Prices vary on how many openings.  Call Maid OK today to book your air duct cleaning. 405-447-4964

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