5 Ways to Clean Your Home Faster

Maid OK

January 9, 2020

Who wants to spend their entire day cleaning the house? Whether you have guests coming over tonight, or want a cleaner home, read these five easy ways to clean your home faster. Save time and energy so you can do more of what you enjoy!

5 Ways to Clean Your Home in Minutes

1. Create a Schedule

2. House Cleaning Equipment

3. Consistency

4. Lemons

5. Start from Top to Bottom

Create a Schedule

More often than not, cleaning can be a painful task simply because you have no idea where to begin. Additionally, you may want to avoid some areas than others. When you start house cleaning or deep cleaning, ensure that you create your own system. What this means is to start from one room or area and work your way down. Once you have a consistent system in place, you won’t find yourself running in circles or focusing on one area over another.

House Cleaning Equipment

Having a cleaning caddy can be extremely beneficial. This way, you can carry all of your bottles, cleaners, gloves, sponges, scrubbing pads, towels, and more all in one convenient place. When you have your equipment all ready to go in one place, it minimizes time running back and forth. Furthermore, carrying a small bucket to rinse off your towels may also be beneficial.


It’s essential to clean some areas more often than others to cut down on your cleaning time. Cleaning more often, ironically means doing less work. For instance, for every shower you take, wipe everything down when you are finished. This way, you are preventing future water marks and soap scum, which can take up a long time to remove and get rid of.


Chances are you have a couple of lemons in your fridge at this very moment. Lemons not only have a strong citrus aroma, but they contain acidity and juices, which are great for many cleaning purposes. To start, you can heat a half-cut lemon in your microwave and let the steam thoroughly degrease everything as well as eliminate odors. Lemons are ideal for rust and most stains!

Start from Top to Bottom

Working efficiently when cleaning is crucial in cutting your cleaning time. Experts recommend starting from top to bottom when it comes to house cleaning. Start with the heads of your cabinets, refrigerator, then work your way down to stovetops, countertops, then finally any drawers and dressers, couches, T.Vs, and lastly, mop or vacuum the floor. This way, you aren’t working backwards throughout your cleaning process.

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