5 Tips for a Housecleaning Workout

To remain healthy, it’s important to live a physically active lifestyle. Unfortunately, many of us have work, activities, errands, and a million other commitments to complete before we get a chance to toss in some exercise. It’s easy signing up for a gym membership, but a bit more challenging sticking to the actual regimen. Lucky for you, our Maid OK team has compiled some tips to help you stay active while you’re sprucing up your home. And if you ever need help setting your home off on the right foot, call to hire a maid today!


If you’re looking to burn some extra calories, consider ankle weights. Adding 10-15 pounds of extra body weight will provide resistance as you move around the house. Not only does it elevate your workout, but it’s inexpensive as far as equipment goes. What an easy way to prolong your recent house cleaning services?


Did you know that when the room is colder, you’re burning more calories to stay warm? Keep your home in the 60-65 degree range and keep yourself moving! A weighted vest is another tool that can provide resistance while you clean.


If you find yourself sitting for long periods of time, incorporate small bursts of exercises to keep your metabolism active. For each hour you’re relaxing on the coach, do 50 jumping jacks or a couple minutes of burpees. You can target specific muscle areas with push-ups, squats, or crunches. Our Norman maid service particularly enjoys this practice!


When you’re tackling massive piles of laundry, add a squat each time you add a handful of clothes to the washer or dryer. This is a fantastic way to tone your quads and hamstrings. Vacuuming the whole house? While your arms are engaged, give your lower body a workout too by adding lunges as you move across the floor. Mopping can be a real drag sometimes, but when you scrub floors by hand, you’ll find yourself engaging both your arms and your abs. Our OKC area housecleaning team recommends switching arms halfway through for balanced toning.


Many of you don’t need convincing spending more time outside. After all, it’s summer and the weather is gorgeous! Upkeep isn’t restricted to the home, our house cleaning service in Edmond, OK suggests gardening activities. Gardening burns as many as 400 calories an hour! Digging, pulling weeds, shoveling, and raking leaves are great ways to target stomach, arm, and leg muscle groups.

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