How to Clean Your Closet

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There are hundreds of shelving units, storage bins, decluttering guides, and minimalist blogs out there, so why is it so difficult to keep a closet organized?

Because we’re busy.

Plain and simple.

It’s not anyone’s fault, life just happens. Between work and family responsibilities, extracurriculars and schedules, it’s easy to place home organization on the back burner. What’s interesting about closets, though, is that the chaos contributes to any preexisting stress you’re facing. When you’ve had a busy day at work, the last thing you want to do is sift through teetering piles of clothes, searching for that navy dress you’re wanting to wear for dinner.

So that brings us to our point. If everyone is stressing about chaotic closets, then why aren’t we able to restore order? The truth is, it’s a bit of a process. It takes time and a great deal of patience but the team here at Maid OK can promise, it’s worth it. After sorting, cleaning, and organizing your closet, you’ll feel the overwhelm fall from your shoulders. You may be wondering now how you get to that point. Tackling closet organization can be a bit daunting, but with these five secrets, you’ll be enjoying the benefits in no time! Here are some tips for how to organize your closet.

Prepare for the takedown

Whether you’re using bins or simply separating into piles, our Oklahoma maids recommend distinguishing your belongings into these categories below.

Keep|   Donate   |   Sell   |   Trash   |   Shoes   |   Accessories

Sort things out

Next, it’s time to tackle that closet of yours. Sort everything in the closet, emptying it as you go. Separate your belongings into the six categories above, while sifting through items you no longer want. If you’re having troubles letting go of something, our maids in Moore say to ask yourself these three questions.

  1. Do I want this? Think about why. Is it sentimental? Is it useful?

  2. Do I wear this? When was the last time it was worn? How often?

  3. Do I need this? Is it practical? In what scenarios would you use it? Is your need for it realistic?

Make a clean break

While everything is out of your closet, vacuum or mop the floors along with wiping down the shelves and baseboards. Our maids in Edmond shared that dust mites can destroy fabric and are terrible if you suffer from allergies. Play safe and ensure that your closet is completely cleaned out.

Organization is key

While your closet is airing out, begin organizing your bins. Wash and dry out-of-season clothing prior to storing them. Leftover residue can attract inspections and damp clothing can lead to mildew. 

Next, Toss the “Trash” pile outside then place “Donations” and “To Sell” items in your car. When sorting “Keep” items, remove one at a time, categorizing as you go. Our OKC maids suggest hanging like items together and place your out-of-season tubs on a high shelf. Some categories to display your clothes include the following:

Short Sleeve   |   Long Sleeve   |   Sweaters   |   Pants/Jeans   |   Dresses   |   Skirts   |   Shorts   |   Shoes   |    Purses/Bags   |   Accessories

Go big or go home

So, you’ve just tackled your disheveled closet. Ready to take it a step further? Check out these other tips that you might find useful and give Maid OK a call if you’re in need of house cleaning or organization services! It’s never been easier to hire a maid.

  • Using proper hangers not only make your closet appear consistent but can extend the life of delicate items and tailored jackets. Pay special attention to clothes that run the risk of stretching, as they may be better to fold.

  • Display a mirror, not only does it give you a sneak preview of your outfit, but instantly upgrades the look of your closet.

  • Still suffering from leaning piles? Shelf dividers are great for keeping cashmeres and sweaters in place.

  • Shut the front door. An over-the-door rack is a great find if you’re a bit of a shoe addict.

  • You can maximize the smallest of square footage. Hooks are a great way to display belts, scarves, and hats that might otherwise take up space in your bins.

  • Don’t forget about lighting. Not only will it help you find clothing pieces faster, but will serve as a reminder to keep your closet tidy.

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