Maria has been apart of Maid OK for nine years. As one of our longest employees, she enjoys singing. If you listen closely or sneak up on her while she is cleaning your home, you can hear her singing as she is vacuuming your floors.

  Her pride and joy in life are her grandchildren.  She is a great cook and loves to host parties.  She is loved by all her customers and the most sought after.   


Rylee has worked for Maid OK for several years now.  As the owner's daughter, the cleaning gene was passed down to her.  She is newly married to her boyfriend of a year, Thomas.  They have been friends since they were little kids.  They have one daughter together.  

Rylee LOVES cats, so if you have a cat in your home, she is watching out for purrs so she can pet it.  

rylee reece.jpg



Juana has been with Maid OK for seven years. She has five children and is dedicated to teaching them the same work ethic that she portrays when she is cleaning. Her favorite thing to do at Maid OK is wet (Windex, Trash, Kitchen, and Bathrooms), What she enjoys doing the most though is taking her youngest daughter Joanna out to do things, because with her being the youngest of the kids, she doesn’t want her to feel left out. (If you can use the photo from when we were featuring Maria and Juana for the month of Jan please.)

Kristen Harris.jpg


What can we say about Miss. Kristen.  She is one of the newbies but has won over our customers hearts.  She works fast and is very thorough in her details.  

She loves cats and is always taking pictures with your cats.  If you have pets, she will love on them as much as she loves your home.  Kristen also likes to travel.  Concerts and hikes are her favorite.  She has tons of stories so if she is ever cleaning your home, ask her about them.


Sherri is a maid favorite.  She is always at work and ready to tackle her day.  She is diligent and fun to be around.  She is laid back but that does not interfere with her work.  

Sherri is newly married and she has 4 kids.  Her and her husband reside in Norman where they cheer for the Sooners!  They both attend OU athletics whenever they get free time.  



Nikki is relatively new to us and has been doing a fantastic job!  She is loving her job and we sure appreciate her!  Her favorite is the wet cleaning and she is doing a good job.  Her son is the love of her life and is greatful that he came into her life. 


This gem has been a great influence on our maids with a mission.  She came in for an interview, we loved her, checked her background, hired her, and the next day she showed up with her mom and cousin and these girls have been nothing but the best!  They have done outstanding work and we couldn't be prouder of them.  They are getting lots of regular customer requests with her outstanding work.  

Lathrysha is a native of OKC but just moved back from Arkansas.  She is a mom to 3 great kids.  She loves her little family and always makes time for them, but on her off time she is working.  This girl loves to work and her cleaning proves it.  





Kenzie is our youngest but she has the drive and personality of the older ladies.  She is smart and witty and loves her customers.  She works with her sister Abbie and make a great team!

She loves to "Netflix and chill" on the couch with her little family.  She one of Maid OK's best organizers and moves quickly to finish her jobs with excellence.  


Our sweet Cassie.  She is one of the nicest people that you will ever meet!  She has a heart of gold and will do just about anything for you if you ask her.  She has stayed late at jobs on many occasions and never complains one time.  She is always on time and ready to tackle her schedule she is given every morning.

She loves her pets and the University of Oklahoma!  One of her favorite past times is to go camping at the lake with her family.  She is a great cook, we hear, she posts her creations on Facebook.  




Felicity has been amazing!  She is a great maid and loves her job.  She goes the extra mile for her customers and treats them like family.    Felicity is a hard worker and will even work on the weekends if you sweet talk her!

She is a family girl and loves to laugh.   She is just as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside.  



Abbi is our sweet little go getter!  Having a baby on the way, nothing can stop her.  She has been with Maid OK for about 6 months and does not plan on slowing down.  She works hard and long hours and even works weekend jobs when she can.  We have been amazed with her work and her dedication to Maid OK, that she is now apart of our "Dream Team".  She is requested by her customers because she cleans with excellence.  

She is family driven and wants everything for her new baby boy.  Her and her husband have been together for years and are super excited to start their own family.  She is a reader and loves history.  Ask her anything that has happened in the past and she will probably know it.  She is a great person and we love having her on our team!