Partners with Nikki, this duo is something else. She will go above with her customers and she loves to know hear any stories you have. She has a great heart and will treat you like family.

Single mom of two, her kids keep her grounded. She is a great mom and even better friend.


This little firecracker will bust her bum to make sure you have the best cleaning possible. She is full of personality and will always put a smile on your face. She knows how to clean really well and we couldn’t be more proud to have her on our team!

She has a part time job at a small cafe in Norman. She likes to plant veggies in the summer and spends a lot of time with her family. She is what we like to call our “hippie” chick!




This precious gem is the mom to Morgan. This power team is turning heads at every house the visit. The have not been here too long, but their customer base is growing! The attention to detail Tonia uses as she is cleaning is remarkable! We are thankful they fell into our laps!

Tonia is a mother of 3 kiddos. Her favorite thing is to crochet. She has just as much detail in her cleaning as her masterpieces she makes!



Temah is a hard worker. You probably will not see her much, as she likes to tackle our big 8 hour daily account . Let me tell ya, she loves doing it! I went with her to the 8 hour basic clean a few weeks back, and it was HARD! Floors for 4 hours will kill anyone, but this girl does it for 8! Props to this kid!

She loves her music and talking on the phone. As long as movies and games are involved, she is perfectly fine with a night in.



Sherri is a maid favorite.  She is always at work and ready to tackle her day.  She is diligent and fun to be around.  She is laid back but that does not interfere with her work.  

Sherri is newly married and she has 4 kids.  Her and her husband reside in Norman where they cheer for the Sooners!  They both attend OU athletics whenever they get free time.  



This little ball of cuteness has been with us a bit over a year. The owner’s daughter and her have been partners and have accumulated a ton of regular customers.



This gem has been a great influence on our maids with a mission.  She came in for an interview, we loved her, checked her background, hired her, and the next day she showed up with her mom and these girls have been nothing but the best!  They have done outstanding work and we couldn't be prouder of them.  They are getting lots of regular customer requests with their outstanding work.  

This gal does NOT like unsweet tea! She is a true southern right there.  She is such a sweet, likeable, quiet, and humble person! If she is ever in your house, you might not know it because her focus is strictly on sparkling up your home. This girl loves to work and her cleaning proves it.  




Nora, what can I say.  She has a heart of GOLD! She will rescue you from any situation as long as you ask for help.  She is focused and razor sharp with her cleaning.  We couldn't be more proud to call her one of our Maids With A Mission!

She is a great baker. She can make a killer batch of chili as well. She can Netflix and chill like a boss!



Our sweet Cassie.  She is one of the nicest people that you will ever meet!  She has a heart of gold and will do just about anything for you if you ask her.  She has stayed late at jobs on many occasions and never complains one time.  She is always on time and ready to tackle her schedule she is given every morning.

She loves her pets and the University of Oklahoma!  One of her favorite past times is to go camping at the lake with her family.  She is a great cook, we hear, she posts her creations on Facebook.  



Good ole Sheri!  She is one of a kind for sure.  She is a hard working, even does cleaning for Maid OK on the weekends! 

Sheri has 1 boy and 2 girls.  She has 4 granddaughters ranging from 2-8 and those girls are her life.   She loves to hit the dance floor, so if you see her out boot skootin', tell her hi! 

Sheri will find places to clean that you have never even thought up. Her eye for detail is amazing. You know those towels that are shaped like animals on cruise boats, well she can’t do that but she will hotel style your toilet paper.




Miss Ila Bre has been with us on and off for several years. She graduated from Norman High school last year. She has been with us on a full time basis since then. She is an awesome cleaner with a beautiful smile and friendly attitude. Ila is the daughter of our trainer/quality control personnel, De.



So sweet and quiet, you would barely know she is in a room cleaning.  She puts elbow grease into anything she touches.  She is a hard worker and very focused on getting the job done right the first time!  

Her curly hair is so pretty and she is still unsure of it, so if you see her and you like it, give her a much deserved compliment!  She is a pet kinda girl and loves her boyfriend.  She will bend over backwards to help you out, but do not take advantage of her, I feel like she is a red head deep down. 



This mom of three is a wonderful addition to our Maids With A Mission!  She not only cleans for us daily, she also does all the supplies for us each morning.  This is NOT an easy job.  

She is partnered with Brittani and they are MARVELOUS together!  Ask for them and we will send them!

Marcy is a country girl at heart, I promise.  She is so sweet and pretty, she makes cleaning look easy.