Maria has been apart of Maid OK for nine years. As one of our longest employees, she enjoys singing. If you listen closely or sneak up on her while she is cleaning your home, you can hear her singing as she is vacuuming your floors.

  Her pride and joy in life are her grandchildren.  She is a great cook and loves to host parties.  She is loved by all her customers and the most sought after.   


Rylee has worked for Maid OK for several years now.  As the owner's daughter, the cleaning gene was passed down to her.  She is newly married to her boyfriend of a year, Thomas.  They have been friends since they were little kids.  They have one daughter together.  

Rylee LOVES cats, so if you have a cat in your home, she is watching out for purrs so she can pet it.  

rylee reece.jpg



Juana has been with Maid OK for seven years. She has five children and is dedicated to teaching them the same work ethic that she portrays when she is cleaning. Her favorite thing to do at Maid OK is wet (Windex, Trash, Kitchen, and Bathrooms), What she enjoys doing the most though is taking her youngest daughter Joanna out to do things, because with her being the youngest of the kids, she doesn’t want her to feel left out. (If you can use the photo from when we were featuring Maria and Juana for the month of Jan please.)

Kristen Harris.jpg


What can we say about Miss. Kristen.  She is one of the newbies but has won over our customers hearts.  She works fast and is very thorough in her details.  

She loves cats and is always taking pictures with your cats.  If you have pets, she will love on them as much as she loves your home.  Kristen also likes to travel.  Concerts and hikes are her favorite.  She has tons of stories so if she is ever cleaning your home, ask her about them.


This girl right here knows how to clean!  Elyse sort of fell in our lap.  She came in one day and we asked her if she needed a job, and low and behold, three months later her clientele is growing.  Our customers love her enthusiasm and her drive to get the cleanings done correct on the first time.  

She is a die hard family girl, caring for her son and daughter.  They love to watch movies and "campout" in the living room.  Her kids are her life and she is a hands on single mother.  She works hard and long hours to make sure her kids are well taken care of.  


Nikki Martin

Nikki is relatively new to us and has been doing a fantastic job!  She is loving her job and we sure appreciate her!  Her favorite is the wet cleaning and she is doing a good job.  Her son is the love of her life and is greatful that he came into her life. 


Bre, Breze, she has a lot of names.  One thing she has down though is cleaning.  This girl will get after it!  Seeing her in action, it will make your head spin.  She is fast, fast and loves what she does and her work ethic shows it.  She is relatively new and you would never be able to see that.  She hates to miss work but when her kids call, she is always there for them.  

This girl knows how to have fun as well.  She is a great mom and always has something up her sleeve.  She has four beautiful kids that keep her young.  




Fio, as we like to call her, has been with us for exactly a year.  She is spunky and likes to get her day started early.  If you are on her schedule, her first cleaning starts at 8 am.  She works by herself and has many happy customers!  Her daughter is cute as a bug and she keeps her mommy on her toes.  They are a great pair!


Sherri has been with Maid OK almost one year.  She is hardworking and here every day.  She has grown close to some of customers and they cannot rave enough about her.  

Her favorite pastime is fishing with her husband and kids.  She is a mother to 6 sons and 2 daughters.  Her life is always going, so working here has kept her sane she has said.  Her life revolves around her family, so helping others with their homes give her that special cherry on top.