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Read the MaidOK blog today and keep up to date with our cleaning tips, tricks, and tidbits. We have articles ranging from simplifying your bedroom, to how to get a great workout from simple house cleaning. Did you know you can burn about 260 calories just from doing your laundry? Or 240 calories from vacuuming and sweeping? Additionally, we have articles on how to really clean your stainless steel as well as how to prevent disasters from entering your home. From kitchens, bathrooms, to carpets, big moves, and stains, we have it all. Don't forget to comment and like our posts! Let us know how we are doing and we will gladly respond back to you.

Here at MaidOK we believe in Cleaning for a Reason. Be sure to check out our special blog post regarding how we work with Cleaning for a Reason to raise awareness for women undergoing treatment for cancer. We are very proud to be a part of this organization each year.


When is the last time you got your air ducts or dryer vents cleaned? Chances are it may have been a while. Removing the filter and carefully removing the smelly and dusty vent can be a hassle. Contact MaidOK to have us take a good look at it and be sure to read our blog post as well.