Why Organic Cleaning Products Are In

It’s now 2016 and people have begun to choose more eco-friendly, natural and safe cleaning products. It’s no secret that it may be a trend but now that consumers are more aware and conscious about what chemicals they’re using to clean with, it’s important to look into what is out there, and what really does the job. Since the Oklahoma City area is a very trendy area, always up-to-date on the newest ideas, we’ve put together a small guide of which three products people are loving and why. These products are sure to keep your house clean and your cleaning service safe! 

The Honest Co. 

This star-found company has been one of the most popular house cleaning and baby brands used lately and we all want to know why. Founded on the idea that parents want a product that is effective, safe, eco-friendly, convenient, and affordable, the co-founders created The Honest Co. to relieve them of yet another task added to their daily to-do lists; shopping. The Honest Co. is an online company who delivers on its promise; literally. All products are delivered to your doorstep within days, ready to use. This is a concept, and product, your maid will love to use!


 Seventh Generation 

Seventh Generation offers plant-based products that are reliable and safe for the environment, your home, and whoever is doing the cleaning but, it doesn’t stop there. This brand has curated The Seventh Generation Foundation to give back to their communities while also championing other foundations. They keep no secrets and list every ingredient with the ingredient’s environmental impact on their website so that you won’t have to do the digging!


Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day  

AKA: a maid’s best friend,  “Smells like a garden, cleans like the dickens” - Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer, founder and inspiration of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day. This line of cleaning products, made with plant-derived ingredients and essential oils, offers more than just a powerful cleanser, as it smells as good as it works. With choices like basil, lavender, lemon verbena, geranium, sunflower, rosemary, bluebell, honeysuckle, red clover, radish, apples parsley, rhubarb, baby blossom, lilac and peony, you will never hate the way your house smells and your cleaning service will love you for not giving her a headache. 

Maid OK's Top 5 Cleaning Secrets

There’s no better feeling than returning to a clean home. At Maid OK, we make it easy to hire a maid. From deep cleaning to packing and organizing, our Oklahoma maids are making the state a sparkling place one home at a time. With our maids in Moore, Norman, Oklahoma City and Edmond, our services are available to you when you need them most. Although we make it easy to schedule an appointment, sometimes your home just needs a quick spruce up. Our team at Maid OK has a world of experience when it comes to treating tough stains and we’ve compiled a list of our top five house cleaning secrets for you to enjoy. Check out our recipes for success below and call (405)447-4964 to hire a maid for your next appointment!


1. Easy All-Purpose Cleaner

Whether it’s a bit of food stuck to the counter or a swipe of the windowsill, Maid OK has a fantastic all-purpose house cleaning solution you can create right at home! Combine 4 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 quart of warm water to zap those pesky spills and stains.


2. Banish Coloring Marks

We all know that children love to color and to go off exploring. If you’re experiencing marker stains on woodwork, toothpaste is a household item our Oklahoma maids love using on the drop of a dime! 


3. Wipe out Wall Art

When your child's artistic efforts end up all over your new paint job, it can be tough deciding how to treat it. Our house cleaning pros suggest scrubbing lightly with a damp sponge sprinkled in baking soda.


4. Sneaker Envy

Wish your kicks looked just as good as they did when you first purchased them? Maid OK’s cleaning experience surpasses your everyday counters and carpets. Toothpaste is a fantastic remedy for making your tennis shoes shine!


5. Make an earthy-smelling cleaner

We don’t know about you, but our Oklahoma maids love fresh fragrances. Infuse a homemade vinegar solution with sage or citrus from orange or lemon peel! 


Maid OK loves providing customers with an amazing house cleaning experience. For more tips and trips, be sure to take a look around our blog. To hire a maid, give us a call at (405) 447-4964!

A Guide to Your First Housecleaning

If it’s the first time you’ve used a house cleaning service, it can be a bit daunting. You may be wondering how do I hire a maid? Maybe even, you’re a bit overwhelmed with the different maid services to choose from in Moore, Norman, Oklahoma City and Edmond. Take a moment to breathe, and let Maid OK help you understand how the process works and what you can expect from your home cleaning appointment. We’ve rallied up a list of tips that will help you get the most from your Oklahoma maids!

First, interview more than one potential service. We know that our maids in Moore, Norman, OKC, and Edmond will blow you away, but it’s still important to consider all options when looking to hire a maid for you and your family. We recommend doing some research, asking each house cleaning service if the agency or their employees are licensed and insured. 

Next, it’s time to define the specifics. How often will your home require house cleaning services? What exactly do you need Oklahoma maids to take care of in your home? Will the maid service or you be supplying the cleaning products? These are all great questions that you should be keeping in mind whenever you hire a maid. Make sure that pricing is also covered to avoid any confusion down the road.

Now, let’s dig into detail. If you have any pets, allergies or phobias, don’t forget to inform the agency or individual. This will allow your maid services to better accommodate your needs, resulting in the best house cleaning experience possible! Another topic to discuss with your maids in Moore, Norman, OKC, and Edmond is how many people will be visiting your home during each visit. Also, you should decide for yourself if you’ll need to be home while the house cleaning is being conducted.

When you’ve found the perfect maid service to meet your needs (AKA: Maid OK), call to schedule an appointment and prepared to be amazed! We advise picking up and putting away clutter but don’t clean the house before the house cleaner arrives. After all, that’s what your wonderful Oklahoma maids are for! For more house cleaning tips and advice, we encourage you to explore the rest of our blog. To set up an appointment, give our Maids with a Mission a call at (405) 447-4964!


Hire a Maid, It's Time to Play Ball.

Spring sports are in full swing and it’s time to start thinking about your home cleaning routine. If you’re raising a family, you most likely have a couple of soccer or baseball players running around your home. Juggling hours at a job, extracurricular activities, and family obligations can leave you exhausted at the end of the day. You find at some point during the week that you’ve completely given up on house cleaning, resulting in dusty surfaces, streaky windows, and disheveled carpet. If you’ve been experiencing this sense of overwhelm on a regular basis, Maid OK has some fantastic news for you. Our premiere Oklahoma maid service is perfect for accommodating your family’s active lifestyle!

With a simple phone call, you can hire a maid that will transform the state of your home in just a few hours. Our maids in Moore, Norman, Oklahoma and Edmond are perfect for the job and bring a world of experience to each and every appointment. We’re the highest rated house cleaning service around and have a money back guarantee to prove it. Maid OK can provide you with home cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning along with organization services to tackle any job you may face.

Maid OK is dedicated to restoring order in your household. With every sweep and swipe of our maid services, the more time you’ll have to enjoy with your family! Let us help with your home cleaning routine this season and give us a call at (405) 447-4964 to hire a maid today!


OKC Maids on a Move

May and June are big months in the real estate market. Between buying, selling, renting, prepping and moving, it’s enough to make you feel overwhelmed when it comes to house cleaning. That’s where our premiere maid services step in. Here at Maid OK, we offer a variety of services to ensure your home is spotless when it comes time for the big move. Our Oklahoma maids will work with you to declutter, organizing your belongings for greater efficiency. 

If you have a rental, Maid OK can help there as well. From carpet and window cleaning to our seriously deep cleaning services, it’s easy to hire a maid and be well on your way to a spotless home or dorm room! Now that your house cleaning worries have vanished, it’s time to start talking organization. Are you truly prepared for the transition? We at Maid OK, have compiled a great checklist to help the process run smoothly for you.


2 Months Before the Move

Two months before your moving date, it’s time to determine your budget for transportation and cleaning services. Begin researching movers and snag some estimates. This will give you a better idea when making arrangements, which one would fit your needs best. 

Next, start sorting through your belongings and purge items you don't need. If you just can’t tear yourself away from those wacky memorabilia items, give our highest rated house cleaning service. Our maids in Moore, Edmond, OKC, and Norman are sure to wow you with their impressive decluttering skills. 


6 Weeks Before the Move

Start collecting your organization and house cleaning supplies! Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, markets, you name it! Better yet, give Maid OK a call and we’ll help you start packing. Something that you’ll also want to keep in mind is using up your frozen or perishable foods.


1 Month Before the Move

Choose your mover and make the arrangements. As you begin packing, be sure to label accordingly, separating valuables, heavier or more fragile items. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just remember that Maid OK is on your side and can take care of your packing along with house cleaning! Also, remember to make a change of address. You’ll not only want to do this at the post office, but also for banking, credit card, insurance, and utility accounts along with other subscriptions.


2 Weeks Before the Move

Can you believe the day is almost here? Tune up your car if you’re planning on hauling belongings and confirm your arrangements with your movers (and to schedule your house cleaning appointment with Maid OK). The majority of your things should be packed by this time. But if you still need a hand, let us know! We have packing and organization services that make the moving process a breeze.


1 Week Before the Move

Refill prescriptions, pack your suitcase, you only have a week left! Plan for rent, deposits, moving expenses and other payments. Also, be sure to confirm the installation date of utilities at your new address. Hire a maid here at Maid OK and make sure your place is sparkling before you leave! Complete a final walk through and watch the excitement build as you’ve finished packing and house cleaning!


Day of the Move

Take out the trash and take care of any last minute spot cleanings. Turn in your keys and away you go! When you arrive at your new place, make way for the movers. Before they leave, take inventory and keep a copy for yourself. Sign any outstanding documents and feel a wave of relief as you settle into your new place. When reality kicks in and all you see is an ocean of packing boxes, give Maid OK a call at (405) 447-4964. We have maids in Moore, Edmond, OKC, and Norman to make unpacking and organization a walk in the park!


MAID OK Giving Back to the Community

Throughout the year, we try to find ways to give back to our community. This year, we thought what better way to give back than to volunteer? Last Saturday, our Maids with a Mission decided to put the cleaning supplies aside for a day and pick up some power tools. We partnered with Habitat for Humanity to help construct a home for a family in need. After donning our tool belts and working boots, our framing manager, Saizar gave us our instructions for what we were to accomplish as a team throughout the day.  

As the day went on, our Maids with a Mission discovered that cleaning was not their only talent. Around the construction site, our maids could be found using reciprocating saws and erecting various parts of the wooden frame and trellises over the garage. As the home slowly went up, we realized how much progress we were gaining through our teamwork. Progress that we could not have achieved without our maids’ desire to contribute and get the job done. 

We’re excited to say that we learned a lot through our volunteering experience. One takeaway for us was the wide variety of tools and construction vocabulary we learned, in addition to the complex process that goes into constructing a home. As well, we learned the gratification of lending a helping hand and being able to make a difference in the lives of those in need. We work diligently every day with our cleaning services, but we are proud to have had the opportunity to apply our work ethic to such a wonderful cause. 

Competitive OKC House Cleaning

As you may know, we’re a pretty competitive group of maids around here. There’s nothing we enjoy more than being the premiere cleaning services in the Edmond, Oklahoma City, and Norman, OK. It takes time to make a reputation for yourself, and only seconds to tear it down. Let us show you why we’re the best house cleaning services around!

Customers have come to us, sharing their experiences with our competition and we can’t believe our ears. We don’t want to be known as the fastest cleaning services around, we’d rather be recognized as the most efficient Oklahoma maid service. Our attention to detail, a personable staff of maids, and overall outstanding service has allowed us to defend our title as the highest rated house cleaning service. Our Money Back Guarantee brings light to our dedication to you, the customer. 

Not only are we thorough when it comes to house cleaning jobs, but our Oklahoma maids are truly one of a kind. Our team at Maid OK has each been hand-selected for their outstanding cleaning company talents. Not only can you rely on their quality of service when you hire a maid, but you can rely on them. We can assure that you’re in great hands, having the same maids working in your home during each visit. You’ll quickly learn that we’re family around here and we want you to feel nothing short of that during your house cleaning appointments. 

Our Oklahoma maids take great pride in their work. We make it a point to reward their home cleaning services and dedication with a variety of incentives. Maid OK strives to foster an atmosphere of trust with our customers. We believe that the only way we can accomplish this is by continually raising our standard of service. We make sure that when you hire a maid, the house cleaning job gets done right the first time or your money back. 

Consistency, customer service, and caring are the pillars of our house cleaning services, setting us apart from other maid services in OKC. We provide a variety of unique home cleaning plans and solutions to match your specific needs. Our 49-point cleaning company inspection process guarantees you coming to a truly deep clean home, each and every time you hire our cleaning services.

Ready to hire a maid and experience an in-home transformation? Give Maid OK a call at (405) 447-4964 to schedule an appointment for our maid services or explore our website for more information! We offer our cleaning services in Edmond, Norman, and OKC.


Springing into an Organized Life with our OKC Maids

Spring cleaning isn't just for getting down and cleaning the baseboards you've been neglecting all year. We think it's much more than that. Springtime is for cleaning, yes. But we believe it's also for organizing. If you're a little bashful when it comes to inviting company over for dinner, or if the thought of cleaning your pantry gives you an anxiety attack, you might want to give us a call. We are known as the top rated maids in OKC.

If you've been itching to spend time with your family, but can't find the time because you're too wrapped up in cleaning, then we can be a great cleaning service for you in the OKC area. Organization is a simple concept, yet it's one that can be difficult to tackle. Clutter can get out of hand quickly and stay out of hand for extended periods of time. We can show how organization can transform the interior of your home, making it look more open and cleaner overall. As well, we've noticed that our organization services tend to eliminate stress and frustration in our clients' lives. At Maid OK, we want to help remove stress from your life and fix the problem, so you can focus on more important matters.

We'll help you with de-cluttering, packing for a move, unpacking from a move, and more. Organization can create greater efficiency in your home and help you stay organized with your daily activities and responsibilities. Our objective is to find what works best for you and your family so that you can spend less time cleaning, and more time on the things you love in OKC. One of the best parts about our job is satisfying our clients. Our organization and cleaning services have a knack for accomplishing that goal. We not only provide cleaning services in Norman, but also service the OKC and Edmond areas.


This Valentine’s Day, let us sweep you off your feet.

Whether you're happily married, going steady or single and ready to mingle, we can all agree on one thing:

A clean home is easy to fall in love with. 

This month, we encourage you to celebrate your home by allowing it to be the best version of itself. From our deep cleaning services to our February carpet cleaning special, we have all the resources you need for a home that's sure to impress.

Maids on a Mission

Roxana and Celsa are known by their co-workers as the miracle team. They do the homes no one else believed could be cleaned, and turn them each into a customer's dream home. Do you have stubborn soap scum and no time to tackle it? What about floors that just won't come clean? Whether Celsa is scrubbing away on your bathroom or Roxana is dusting and cleaning your floors, you can bet that they'll put their best forward and throw some extra elbow grease into the mix. 

They each hold high standards to their cleaning, ensuring your home is left just the way they'd expect their own home to be. Give our office a call today and schedule Roxana and Celsa to be your maids with a mission!

Homestead Humor

On one particular day, a customer had scheduled several maids with a mission to come out to their home. When the ladies first arrived, the customer welcomed them into the home and began showing them around. They started with the living room and worked their way through the bottom floor. When they finally reached the kitchen, the ladies saw a true brick oven built right into the wall, next to a door leading to a pantry (or so they thought).

The customer then took them through the door, which opened up to a full chef's kitchen. In one of the rooms where the girls thought would surely be a closet, revealed another powder bathroom. But this one had a door leading them on into the laundry room.

When they were shown the upstairs (which seemed normal at first), they encountered two glass mirrors measuring the width of a door. Each mirror was stretched from floor to ceiling, opening up to a hidden closet.

The girls knew that without a map of the house, someone was going to get turned around, not knowing which way to escape. So the lead team member took her paperwork and flipped it over, drawing out a map of the house. The customer, noticing what they were doing, told them not to worry and that she would provide the maids with a print out of the home's floor plan. 

There was still a little trouble since they had split into groups to finish the work in one day, but thankfully (with the customer's floor plan), all maids were accounted for.


Maid OK Culture

Our phenomenal staff and the way we respond to unexpected events are just two of the factors that make up our culture here at Maid OK.

Let’s talk about some of our staff first. Maria and Juana are just two of our remarkable team members and they’re sure to blow you away. These wonderful women are ready to take on any challenge when it comes to cleaning, and making homes spick and span is their specialty. Maria and Juana have been with us for seven years and they still continue to impress their clients (and us!) every single day. Their attention to detail and their diligence when it comes to getting a job done is second to none, and we are more than happy to have them as a part of Maid OK.

Now, on to our responses to unexpected events. Allow us to let you in on a situation that happened to us not too long ago. On an average day, a few of our staff members headed over to an apartment complex to tend to a client. When they arrived the client rushed out to greet them and help them carry in their equipment. As they began their duties, we received a call at our main office from the client saying that our maids had not yet arrived at her apartment. Not knowing if there had been any issues with our staff members’ transportation, we called them to see where they were. They explained to us that they were already at the client’s home and that they were, in fact, cleaning her apartment.

After some thorough investigating, we found out that there had been a mix-up and our staff members were actually at the wrong home. Once we realized this, we sent a new team out to the client’s house, at once. Now we provide a courtesy call to that client for every scheduled meeting, and she jokes with us about whether we are sending the right team or not!

We love our clients and we love our team, which both help comprise our amazing values and culture here at Maid OK.