Why Organic Cleaning Products Are In

It’s now 2016 and people have begun to choose more eco-friendly, natural and safe cleaning products. It’s no secret that it may be a trend but now that consumers are more aware and conscious about what chemicals they’re using to clean with, it’s important to look into what is out there, and what really does the job. Since the Oklahoma City area is a very trendy area, always up-to-date on the newest ideas, we’ve put together a small guide of which three products people are loving and why. These products are sure to keep your house clean and your cleaning service safe! 

The Honest Co. 

This star-found company has been one of the most popular house cleaning and baby brands used lately and we all want to know why. Founded on the idea that parents want a product that is effective, safe, eco-friendly, convenient, and affordable, the co-founders created The Honest Co. to relieve them of yet another task added to their daily to-do lists; shopping. The Honest Co. is an online company who delivers on its promise; literally. All products are delivered to your doorstep within days, ready to use. This is a concept, and product, your maid will love to use!


 Seventh Generation 

Seventh Generation offers plant-based products that are reliable and safe for the environment, your home, and whoever is doing the cleaning but, it doesn’t stop there. This brand has curated The Seventh Generation Foundation to give back to their communities while also championing other foundations. They keep no secrets and list every ingredient with the ingredient’s environmental impact on their website so that you won’t have to do the digging!


Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day  

AKA: a maid’s best friend,  “Smells like a garden, cleans like the dickens” - Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer, founder and inspiration of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day. This line of cleaning products, made with plant-derived ingredients and essential oils, offers more than just a powerful cleanser, as it smells as good as it works. With choices like basil, lavender, lemon verbena, geranium, sunflower, rosemary, bluebell, honeysuckle, red clover, radish, apples parsley, rhubarb, baby blossom, lilac and peony, you will never hate the way your house smells and your cleaning service will love you for not giving her a headache.