OKC Maids on a Move

May and June are big months in the real estate market. Between buying, selling, renting, prepping and moving, it’s enough to make you feel overwhelmed when it comes to house cleaning. That’s where our premiere maid services step in. Here at Maid OK, we offer a variety of services to ensure your home is spotless when it comes time for the big move. Our Oklahoma maids will work with you to declutter, organizing your belongings for greater efficiency. 

If you have a rental, Maid OK can help there as well. From carpet and window cleaning to our seriously deep cleaning services, it’s easy to hire a maid and be well on your way to a spotless home or dorm room! Now that your house cleaning worries have vanished, it’s time to start talking organization. Are you truly prepared for the transition? We at Maid OK, have compiled a great checklist to help the process run smoothly for you.


2 Months Before the Move

Two months before your moving date, it’s time to determine your budget for transportation and cleaning services. Begin researching movers and snag some estimates. This will give you a better idea when making arrangements, which one would fit your needs best. 

Next, start sorting through your belongings and purge items you don't need. If you just can’t tear yourself away from those wacky memorabilia items, give our highest rated house cleaning service. Our maids in Moore, Edmond, OKC, and Norman are sure to wow you with their impressive decluttering skills. 


6 Weeks Before the Move

Start collecting your organization and house cleaning supplies! Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, markets, you name it! Better yet, give Maid OK a call and we’ll help you start packing. Something that you’ll also want to keep in mind is using up your frozen or perishable foods.


1 Month Before the Move

Choose your mover and make the arrangements. As you begin packing, be sure to label accordingly, separating valuables, heavier or more fragile items. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just remember that Maid OK is on your side and can take care of your packing along with house cleaning! Also, remember to make a change of address. You’ll not only want to do this at the post office, but also for banking, credit card, insurance, and utility accounts along with other subscriptions.


2 Weeks Before the Move

Can you believe the day is almost here? Tune up your car if you’re planning on hauling belongings and confirm your arrangements with your movers (and to schedule your house cleaning appointment with Maid OK). The majority of your things should be packed by this time. But if you still need a hand, let us know! We have packing and organization services that make the moving process a breeze.


1 Week Before the Move

Refill prescriptions, pack your suitcase, you only have a week left! Plan for rent, deposits, moving expenses and other payments. Also, be sure to confirm the installation date of utilities at your new address. Hire a maid here at Maid OK and make sure your place is sparkling before you leave! Complete a final walk through and watch the excitement build as you’ve finished packing and house cleaning!


Day of the Move

Take out the trash and take care of any last minute spot cleanings. Turn in your keys and away you go! When you arrive at your new place, make way for the movers. Before they leave, take inventory and keep a copy for yourself. Sign any outstanding documents and feel a wave of relief as you settle into your new place. When reality kicks in and all you see is an ocean of packing boxes, give Maid OK a call at (405) 447-4964. We have maids in Moore, Edmond, OKC, and Norman to make unpacking and organization a walk in the park!