This Valentine’s Day, let us sweep you off your feet.

Whether you're happily married, going steady or single and ready to mingle, we can all agree on one thing:

A clean home is easy to fall in love with. 

This month, we encourage you to celebrate your home by allowing it to be the best version of itself. From our deep cleaning services to our February carpet cleaning special, we have all the resources you need for a home that's sure to impress.

Maids on a Mission

Roxana and Celsa are known by their co-workers as the miracle team. They do the homes no one else believed could be cleaned, and turn them each into a customer's dream home. Do you have stubborn soap scum and no time to tackle it? What about floors that just won't come clean? Whether Celsa is scrubbing away on your bathroom or Roxana is dusting and cleaning your floors, you can bet that they'll put their best forward and throw some extra elbow grease into the mix. 

They each hold high standards to their cleaning, ensuring your home is left just the way they'd expect their own home to be. Give our office a call today and schedule Roxana and Celsa to be your maids with a mission!

Homestead Humor

On one particular day, a customer had scheduled several maids with a mission to come out to their home. When the ladies first arrived, the customer welcomed them into the home and began showing them around. They started with the living room and worked their way through the bottom floor. When they finally reached the kitchen, the ladies saw a true brick oven built right into the wall, next to a door leading to a pantry (or so they thought).

The customer then took them through the door, which opened up to a full chef's kitchen. In one of the rooms where the girls thought would surely be a closet, revealed another powder bathroom. But this one had a door leading them on into the laundry room.

When they were shown the upstairs (which seemed normal at first), they encountered two glass mirrors measuring the width of a door. Each mirror was stretched from floor to ceiling, opening up to a hidden closet.

The girls knew that without a map of the house, someone was going to get turned around, not knowing which way to escape. So the lead team member took her paperwork and flipped it over, drawing out a map of the house. The customer, noticing what they were doing, told them not to worry and that she would provide the maids with a print out of the home's floor plan. 

There was still a little trouble since they had split into groups to finish the work in one day, but thankfully (with the customer's floor plan), all maids were accounted for.