A Clean Sweep with Maid OK

Maid OK Housecleaning New Year's 2017

Whether you’re cleaning up after a holiday bash or gearing up for a New Year’s toast, we can all agree that mess has a way of spreading throughout the entire house. With the closing of one event and the quickly approaching date of another, our Maid OK team is here to make your house sparkling. From beverage spills and pine needles to watermarks and leftovers, our Oklahoma maids will walk you through a clean sweep — setting you off in the right direction for 2017. 

First, find ways to reuse, reduce and recycle.

Did you know that you can take leftover wine and transform it into a drizzle for your desserts? Our Edmond maids swear by these post-holiday hacks. Take “going green” a step further and incorporate it into your gifting practices moving forward. Reuse gift bags, ribbons, bows and boxes and recycle wrapping paper and ripped packaging.

Now, it’s time for some damage control.

Did Auntie Ann leave a watermark on your new oak sideboard? Our Norman maids suggest trying one of these house cleaning methods to zap it gone. If a guest at your party left a wine stain, flush it with water or club soda, blot it out and douse some salt. This will help it soak up as quickly as possible.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Now that we’ve taken care of the urgent business, it’s time to begin organizing your belongings. Keep regularly used items in accessible spots and place seasonal items on higher shelves or in closets. Our Oklahoma City maids have 5 secrets of closet organization that will spare you some square footage.

Are you expecting company for New Years? When you’ve completed this clean sweep, give our team at Maid OK a call at (405) 241-4407. We have deep cleaning, window and carpet cleaning services to make your home look like new!