Maid OK Culture

Our phenomenal staff and the way we respond to unexpected events are just two of the factors that make up our culture here at Maid OK.

Let’s talk about some of our staff first. Maria and Juana are just two of our remarkable team members and they’re sure to blow you away. These wonderful women are ready to take on any challenge when it comes to cleaning, and making homes spick and span is their specialty. Maria and Juana have been with us for seven years and they still continue to impress their clients (and us!) every single day. Their attention to detail and their diligence when it comes to getting a job done is second to none, and we are more than happy to have them as a part of Maid OK.

Now, on to our responses to unexpected events. Allow us to let you in on a situation that happened to us not too long ago. On an average day, a few of our staff members headed over to an apartment complex to tend to a client. When they arrived the client rushed out to greet them and help them carry in their equipment. As they began their duties, we received a call at our main office from the client saying that our maids had not yet arrived at her apartment. Not knowing if there had been any issues with our staff members’ transportation, we called them to see where they were. They explained to us that they were already at the client’s home and that they were, in fact, cleaning her apartment.

After some thorough investigating, we found out that there had been a mix-up and our staff members were actually at the wrong home. Once we realized this, we sent a new team out to the client’s house, at once. Now we provide a courtesy call to that client for every scheduled meeting, and she jokes with us about whether we are sending the right team or not!

We love our clients and we love our team, which both help comprise our amazing values and culture here at Maid OK.